Praise the Lord! Christ is risen today! Thank you Lord Jesus for your sacrifice, for your love and for your grace!

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The Birth of a Nation


Today is the day. 239 years ago the American Revolution began. Some very brave folks stood firm against what was, at that time, the most powerful, well trained army in the world in an effort to wrest from the tyrannical grasp of their King the one thing we cherish most, Liberty.

At Lexington and Concord, the militia stood against the British, fired upon them from the woods and harassed them as they marched. The multi-year battle for our freedom from British rule began, 239 years ago, today.

Captain John Parker, commanding the militia said, “Stand your ground. Don’t fire unless fired upon, but if they mean to have a war, let it begin here.”

And so it did. Thanks to Captain Parker and the brave men and women who laid down their lives in the name of Liberty.

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Salvation Assured


This is the day we recognize that Christ died on the cross high up on Calvary. No greater gift has ever been given to mankind. I hope each of you has a personal relationship with Christ and has accepted Him as Lord and Saviour.

Thank you, Jesus for your sacrifice, it makes eternal life possible for all those who follow you, including me. Thank you, Lord.

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Refugee Reunion – An Outbreak Event: Chapter 34

I walked out into the garage. Behind me I heard Jay rushing forward, swearing under his breath. The door shook and rattled as the overhead motor grumbled loudly pulling against the weight of the aluminum panels as they shook in their steel track. I emerged from the garage and into the light of the gray, overcast day to try and see where the gunfire was coming from. A lone zombie came from around the corner of the house, instantly locking onto my presence, no doubt alerted to our presence by the opening garage door. It was closer than I would have liked, mouth agape, teeth bared, extended arms flailing, grasping for me. I swept the suburi up and around my head and simultaneously stepped back and to my right. On the upswing, the wooden sword struck the zombie in the left arm redirecting it’s forward momentum and pushing it off balance slightly. I continued the single fluid motion and brought the suburito down onto the back of zombies head, completing the strike as I had practiced so many times before in the dojo. The thunk was loud and pronounced and coincided with the crashing sound of the garage door coming to a stop. The creature slumped to the concrete driveway its head cracked but not split open. It shook for a moment then stopped, lying still on the gray ground.

Jay was in the garage now, shaking his head, “That was pretty stupid.” He said as he stepped forward and drew his Springfield and administered a coup de gras to the fallen zombie. “Yeah I know but I gotta see who this is.” The three of us stepped out into the street. A large vehicle came into view and oh what a welcome sight it was. Tears began to fill my eyes. “It’s Mom and Dad.” I said through a quivering lip. Mom was driving the motor home slowly up the street and I could see the barrel of some kind of gun protruding from one of the side windows of the RV. I waved my arms high in the air to try and attract their attention. Someone, whom I could only assume was Dad, was rapidly firing into the mob of zombies around my house. Some of the undead had turned and were heading in the direction of the RV, but most remained in the back yard still focused on breaking through the fence, pursuing us on our original path of escape. Suddenly the RV roared up to our position and came to an abrupt stop, the barrel of the rifle disappearing into the body of the vehicle. I could see Mom in the driver’s seat, she was crying and looked tired and haggard. She looked down at me through the stained and dirty windshield as well as her tears, a huge smile of relief on her face. Jay and Molly headed around the RV toward the side door, I paused a moment my eyes locked on Mom’s face. I returned her smile and for a moment we simply stared at each other in joyous relief then I nodded and followed my friends around the RV and approached the now open side door.

Dad had almost been flung out of the door when Mom slammed on the brakes and was regaining his balance, when I first saw him. He had a nice M1 Carbine in one hand the other still gripping the swinging door tightly. I can only assume the M1 was what he had been using to shoot zombies from the window. I didn’t even wait for him to speak, I just rushed right up to him and threw my free arm around his neck. A bit taken aback he responded in kind and we embraced for a moment. “I saw those damn things all over the house and for a moment….” His voice trailed off in light sobs of joyful relief. My mom appeared in the doorway then quickly joined the huddle. After a moment they separated from me and both approached Jay and hugged him hard, obviously happy to see him safe and with me. Molly stood back, off to the side with an obviously awkward demeanor. I watched as they greeted my old friend warmly. Then from behind I heard a rasping sound. My head snapped around and took in the sight, a single zombie was approaching from the back of the RV. Without really thinking, I drew my 1911, releasing the thumb safety while presenting the gun, and fired one shot through the zombie’s head. The creature fell to the ground in a heap. The shot startled the others, and the group collectively jumped and turned their attention in my direction. Without taking my eyes off of the fallen corpse I said to the group, “Mom, Dad – that’s Molly. Molly – Mom and Dad. Save the handshakes and hugs for later. We best get in the RV and get the hell out of here!”

No one spoke, they all just quickly filed into the unit through the door. I held my focus on the back of the RV in the event anymore zombies appeared. I was the last one to step inside and took a potshot at another zombie that was rounding the back corner, but missed. I slammed the door shut just as Dad accelerated away from the house. The main mob, still preoccupied with following our original path, didn’t have enough time to really adjust their attention on the new vehicle and come after us but a few, including the one I had missed were in the street lumbering along behind the RV. Dad sped away, turning the corner and driving through the now abandoned neighborhood streets. Jay had sat down in the passenger’s seat next to Dad and Molly sat quietly on the sofa. My mother, seated next to her, had begun chatting her up a little trying to make her feel as welcome as she could. I stood just inside the doorway leaning against the back of a captain’s chair and smiled at the scene. Even with zombies roaming the earth my Mom still displayed her old southern hospitable charm. I guess it’s just part of who she is. For a moment, inside the RV, watching my family and friends, it was as if nothing was wrong with the world, but I knew, that it was probably the last time I would ever feel that way.

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Trapped – An Outbreak Event: Chapter 33

Together we surveyed the scene. We could hear the persistent moaning coming from the front of the house. The sound was overwhelming. We looked through the back yards scanning for zombies. One or two milled around, here and there, trapped by their own privacy fences, built when they weren’t the living dead. “Let’s head for that house.” I said and pointed to our right. “Scale that fence, move into the house if possible then into their garage. If memory serves they always parked in their garage and kept the door closed.” The other two nodded and we moved together, slowly down the steps of the deck trying not to draw attention to our position. I stopped near the back gate and picked up my suburi. It was lying near the hose which was coiled up, next to the house. I turned on the spigot as quietly as I could and began spraying the suburi off and then turned the hose on myself. I hosed down my head, my arms and hands, then my pants. Jay and Molly stood by anxiously until Molly couldn’t take it anymore and spoke up, “Really? Can you do that later, please? We should be going,” she paused, “Now!” She returned with a force in her voice demonstrating her great urgency and frustration. “Yeah, ok.” I whispered. “But you’re not the one covered in sticky, black zombie blood. You’d be begging me to shower this crap off if we were stuck in a car together for awhile. Smells awful.” She nodded in affirmation but I could tell she still didn’t want to relinquish her original point. She looked away and I smiled at her stubbornness, despite the living dead looming not far away.

My moment of amusement was short lived, however. From above, the window we had climbed from, abruptly shattered. Glass tumbled out into the air, following a lone zombie down, both crashing onto the deck. The zombie landed on his head, black blood and brain matter splattered across the wooden boards. I could hear the moans coming from above, several zombies had reached the window. Suddenly another window broke and another zombie crashed to the ground on the other side of the deck. “Shit!” I exclaimed, “We gotta go!” I dropped the hose, water still running, and we dashed for the fence. We had to cross over into one yard and then make it over another fence to get into the yard I had pointed out previously. Molly was over the six foot wooden privacy fence in what seemed like a single leap. Jay and I struggled a bit but fueled by adrenalin and the fear of being eaten alive we both made it over the fence without much difficulty. Dropping to the other side with a thud, I peered back over the wooden slats. The yard was filling up with zombies as they plummeted from the third floor windows onto the deck and the ground. Most were crushed by the impact, others legs were broken while a few hit the ground and managed to get upright and began their pursuit. “Damn, I just want to stay here and shoot ‘em all down.” I said under my breath. “Me too, but it’ll never work, there’s too many.” Jay responded. “I know.” I said, disappointment lacing my response. Molly chimed in, “Let’s go, Rambo,” she said sarcastically, with a strong emphasis on the Rambo part, “before you get eaten, ok?” “Yeah, yeah, I’m coming.” I responded gruffly. We duck walked along the fence until we came to the best place to climb over to our destination. I popped up and scanned the yard we were preparing to drop into. “Looks good.” I said. Molly was over in a flash, I helped Jay up and over then flung myself up and slung my leg over. I paused, straddling the wooden fence and resting there momentarily on the support post, I looked back into my back yard, at the home I had know for the last 5 years.

Zombies poured from the windows of my home like tears from some kind of horrible mythical monster of death. They kept falling and falling. The yard was covered in corpses, most of them crawling, broken limbs dragging behind them, shattered and unable to support weight. The main body of the horde had shifted from the front yard and come down the hill. They began breaking through the fence gate near where the hose was lying on the ground, water still spilling from the end. The wood of the gate snapped and cracked under the mob’s weight. Finally, it gave way. The wooden slats were smashed flat to the ground as they stepped onto them. In moments, the yard filled with the undead, moaning and rasping, shambling towards us, tripping over their crawling brethren. I looked to the flower garden my wife had planted, it was fall so there were no flowers blooming there but it disappeared nevertheless, trod under by their shuffling feet. The grill was knocked over and the deck chairs, where we had enjoyed drinks with my parents on many a warm spring evening, were turned over and cast about. It was all gone, my house, my home. my cherished memories, covered by the wretched stains of the undead. I felt sick to my stomach as I slid down to the other side, all I had known, my home, my family, was gone.

Jay shook my shoulder, “Come on man, we gotta move!” I reluctantly rose to my feet and ran with him to the back door of the house. Molly was already there peering in the windows of the french style doors. “Looks clear.” She said with a bit of hesitation in her voice. The end of the suburi crashed through the glass of the door right near the handle. Molly jumped back, obviously startled by the event. In my despair I failed to apologize to her and I could tell she was awaiting one as she had cut me a sharp look. I reached in and flipped the latch and we slowly entered the home. I made my way around to the door leading to the garage, Jay and Molly kept watch for anything moving in the house or coming at us from behind. Kay had a good look at the fences and he could see the fence we had originally crossed looked like a vertical ocean wave, flexing and pulsing back and forth with the weight of the mob leaning in against it trying to crush it down from their path. I turned the lock slowly and as quietly as I could, followed by the knob and then gently broke the seal of the door. I peered through the small crack I had created but it was too dark. I opened the door further and as light poured into the garage my stomach sank hard into my abdomen. It was empty. I glanced to my right and could see a large pile of mail on the floor just inside the foyer. They weren’t home, I bet they were on some kind of vacation. “Great!” I exclaimed loudly, throwing my hands in the air in exasperation. “Shhh!” Molly returned with aggravation. “No worries, Red, they ain’t home.” I spoke in a regular tone as I opened the door all the way. Molly rose from her crouching position and craning her neck, looked from where she was into the garage. A sour looked passed over her face. Jay just seemed to know without turning to look. “Dammit.” I exclaimed. It was then when I heard muffled gunshots coming from somewhere outside. “Someone’s out there.” I said, with a renewed excitement in my voice. Before either of them could respond I turned into the garage and pressed the button, opening the garage door. The light from outside poured into the dark, empty room exposing us to the street beyond and ultimately, the unknown.

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Trapped – An Outbreak Event: Chapter 32

I met the first zombie, a formerly younger man, maybe college age wearing a stained sweatshirt and jeans. He bared his teeth and snarled as I approached. His arms stretched out, reaching for me. The high ceiling of the stairwell afforded me all the room I needed and I raised my suburi high in the air and brought it crashing down on his gray mottled skull. The heavy hardwood crushed the zombie’s skull like a rotten melon. It caved in and then exploded on either side of the wooden blade and the body went limp, falling backwards onto several others, toppling them to the ground. More began filling into the opening his absence created and I raised the suburi again and sent it crashing down onto another zombie, one that had been an older woman. The reaction was much the same. She collapsed and clogged the hole with her motionless corpse. I heard shots ring out from above me. I turned to look back to see Jay was shooting at some zombies who were reaching toward me from the side. One’s head exploded and bits of black ooze splattered my face and arms. Another started to crawl over the fallen corpse of it’s predecessor. I shifted the suburi to my left hand and swung it upwards. Just as I was about to bring it down on the zomobie’s head the remainder of the barrier gave way and slid to the floor. I cut through the air with all the force I could muster, the suburi landing hard on the snarling visage near my feet. The head popped, her hair flipped upwards with the blow like in a puff of wind and the body went limp.

Jay’s panicked voice erupted from above. “Get back up here now!” He shouted. I stepped back as more zombies poured onto the stairs. Rapid shots rang out as he dropped several as they moved towards the bottom of the steps. I kept slashing and striking with the heavy weapon. “The rope, it’s ready!” I heard Molly shout. “Jay get our stuff and get it to the deck, now!” I responded. A zombie lunged forward, up the steps grabbing for me. A shot rang out and it’s head snapped back and it collapsed at my feet. I glanced up the stairs to see Molly, Glock in hand pointed down the steps. “Thanks, I’ll be fine, now go!” I shouted. I turned to confront another of the undead. I raised the suburi once again and with a cutting motion crushed the left side of it’s skull. I took another step up, closer to the top. A zombie tripped and fell over it’s comrade’s corpses and began pulling furiously at their flesh trying to draw closer to me. I brought the hardwood sword crashing down onto the thing’s head. Black ooze erupted from everywhere. The walls of the stairwell were splattered with ooze and the air was acrid and stale. They kept coming. Bodies were pulled or simply fell away. Others were trampled as the undead continued their slow but certain ascent. The stairwell only allowed one or two on it at a time but they were thick at the bottom and kept pressing upward with a relentless fervor. My arms were getting tired as I slowly crept backwards up the steps cutting and striking as furiously as the targets presented themselves. The suburi was slick from the ooze covering it’s wooden surface. My hands were slipping on the grip and the last strike I made almost tore it from my grasp. I quickly shifted the weapon into my left hand, wiping my right hand down my pants leg trying to clear it of the black blood. It didn’t work, I was covered in the muck of their death. Suddenly shots rang out above me, so close I turned my head away because of the sharp report of the rifle near my ears. Jay fired multiple shots instantly dropping several zombies on the steps creating a momentary barrier of bodies. I felt a hand on my shoulder and instinctively turned swinging the suburi in an effort to sweep the hand away with it’s edge. Before I made contact, Jay snapped his hand back out of the way. He stared at me wide eyed and finally spoke, “Man, you ok? You look crazed. We’re ready, we gotta go.”

It was much later, Jay described the image to me. I was standing a step or two below him, covered in black ooze that had once been blood. My hair was matted to my head with sweat and bits of flesh. He said my eyes were wide and hollow, staring out into space with a hint of rage behind them. My hands and arms were black with the zombie’s blood, the sticky substance slathered on the suburi’s shaft. It hung there then dripped off onto the ground.

I shook my head and flung blackened blood from my forehead and stepped up onto the landing. Jay’s eyes were still wide and a little cautious. “You sure you’re ok?” “Yeah,” I replied, letting go of the rage with a large exhale of breath. My eyes returning to normal. We walked together over to the window and I peered out, down into the yard and onto the deck below. Molly was down there surveying the area. Some small ammo boxes and a couple of bags were at her feet. “She’s tough stuff, huh?” I asked. “Yep, she’s pretty solid for a chick her age.” Jay responded. “Get down the rope, WG, I’m right behind you.” I looked at my oldest and dearest friend and smiled a light smile. He grinned back and jerked his head toward the window. I tossed the suburi out the window off to the side where it would fall to the ground below. I grasped the window casing and the makeshift rope and climbed out the window and down to the deck below. Jay watched as I descended. I landed on the deck and looked up for Jay. His head disappeared from the window. I watched curiously to see if he would reemerge. I heard several more gunshots and as I began to panic, fearing he may have been overrun, he appeared in the window. He climbed out holding the rope with one hand and reaching up pulling the window closed with the other. He hung there precariously for a moment as he struggled with the window. Once he closed it most of the way, he scampered down the rope, M4 slung over his back. “Everything ok?” I asked quizzically. “Yep, just adding to the body barrier a bit on the steps. Wanted to give us some extra time.” “Good thinking.” I said. “Now let’s get the hell out of here, what do you guys say?”

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TWD Season 4, Episode 16 – Season 4 Finale!


Well it’s over, season 4, I mean, and wow what a closer! We see the demise of Joe and company, not including Daryl of course. In the process he’s reunited with Rick, Carl and Mischone but Joe and the other guys don’t fare so well. We see the depths of depravity of which they are willing to sink, and Rick makes them pay in spectacular fashion. He bites out Joe’s throat ala Zombie style and then stabs Carl’s would be rapist until he has more holes in him than a Connect Four game board. Rick and Daryl share an important moment when Rick tells Daryl he’s his brother and the group moves on to Terminus. Now, that’s a whole other story in it self! Rick, being careful and suspicious as he often is, sneaks into the facility with the others and after suspicious introductions he cleverly spots items belonging to his old friends, Maggie, Glenn, etc. He confronts the Terminus group and when they try to run, the four unfortunately come under fire and get herded into a corner, forced to surrender and end up locked in box car. The good news is, already in the box car, is the other part of the group, Maggie, Glenn et al. So they end up trapped but reunited nevertheless. However, it looks like they are “cattle” for the slaughter as the folks at Terminus have taken to consuming “long pig”, which, as I understand it, is what humans are called when they are viewed as food by others. Anyway, that’s where they leave us, with the return of the “old” Rick who is about to kick some serious Terminus tail. Not sure how, but it doesn’t look good for the Terminus crew. They’re in trouble. But we won’t find out how until next October when the series returns for season 5. Can’t wait. I’m already excited!

Thanks to cast and crew for another awesome and entertaining season!

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Anschutz 1712 – New Rifle!

Well, I have had it now for a couple of weeks and after a lot of grief over rings/mounts I got it together and just got around to photographing it yesterday. I haven’t even been able to shoot it yet, so range reports to follow, but here it is! I’m very excited, hope it shoots well and doesn’t have any extraction issues. Stock rifle, Kelbly rings, Vortex Viper scope.




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2014 SC SASS State Championship!

Well this weekend was the SC State Championship! I shot in the Duelist category and would have won 2nd place and the SC State Duelist Champion title but I did not finish the match. Incidentally, there were only two shooters in the Duelist category, myself and Potshot Parker who won the Duelist category at End of Trail last year. To put it another way he is the World’s Champion Duelist. So, I obviously had no chance at placing first but since he lives in GA and cannot be the SC State Champion, the title would have fallen to me, but it was wet and nasty Saturday morning and even though there were only 4 stages left and I should have gone, I opted to stay home. Oh well, we live and we learn, but Friday we shot six stages and I had a great time. It was really nice to see so many great friends once again and catch up a bit.

Special thanks to all the hard working folks that made the match possible this year. It’s a lot of work and it’s an all volunteer proposition so they do it for the love of the game and it is much appreciated.

Here’s probably the best stage I shot even though it ended with a shotgun issue. Enjoy!

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TWD Season 4, Episode 15

The action picks up in this episode. We get a new view of Daryl’s group and how Joe runs the crew with an odd set of rules which sort of work. Daryl reluctantly appears to be adapting even if just for a short time. Not to mention a bit of a setup for a coming conflict between Joe and Rick. Speaking of which, we get a brief glimpse of Rick, Mischone and Carl headed to Terminus, and Rick looks like he’s healing pretty well. Glenn is relentless in his pursuit of Maggie and it invariably pays off. After entering a caved in train tunnel with Tara, and fighting off Zombies some trapped in the cave in others not, Maggie et. al., come to their rescue. The reunion is sweet and I’m sure every viewer was relieved to see them back together as I was. The group continues on to Terminus and we see a lone resident there. Frankly, I’m suspicious. I think she’s crazy, and I predict she’s a cannibal. Maybe even the one who snatched Beth. I hope not, but she ain’t right and it’s gonna be scary. One episode left! Here we go!

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