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OK, so now the rifle is scoped and ready to go. Time for ammo testing. I ran the usual suspects, Winchester 333, Federal Automatch, CCI Mini Mag, CCI Std. Velocity through the rifle and got “ok” results but not quite what I figured was acceptable for 50 yds.  Here’s a sampling of the results:


Sooooo, I then tried Wolf Match Target, which, up to this point, I have never had much experience with and, Voila!  Ammo accuracy test winner!  (I moved the targets to 40 yds for the remaining tests because that is the distance for the chicken target in silhouette.)


Now these I liked!  Very sharp shooting rifle with this ammo!  Can’t beat that.  Next, I knew I would have to set my scope up for a silhouette match, this of course entailed zeroing it in and setting the marks for elevation at the required distances.  I began by zeroing in at 40 yds, and set my elevation turret to zero at that point. (This proved to be difficult with this scope as it has a hex head screw in the center of the top of the elevation turret and it was difficult to hold it firmly in place and loosen the screw without moving the turret.) I then shot it at 60 yds, and noted that I had to dial to the number 2 on the elevation turret.  Then repeated this for 77 yds, where I had to dial to number 4 on the elevation turret.  Finally, I shot it at 100 yds and had to dial to number 8 on the elevation turret.  I returned to zero to check my repeatabililty and shot on target at 40 yds and found it was a bit high, maybe as much as a quarter of an inch. At any rate it would have to do, as my first match opportunity was just around the corner!

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2 thoughts on “Next Step

  1. Sgt Dork

    Where did you find silver dollars that look just like dimes?

  2. wheelieg

    Haw, haw, haw!

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