First Match!

Saturday, September 15th, 2012, I woke up early and got my stuff together to head to the match.  I made the trip to Columbia, SC to the Mid-Carolina Rifle Club.  I was very excited!  Upon arrival I found I was the only one there (a bit early in my excitement) but that would change.  Fortunately for me their were only two other folks to show up.  Unfortunately, one of them was not the match director!  😦  I spent a good bit of time roaming the range, speaking to range officials, trying to find someone who could at least let us in the storage container to get the targets.  Now let me say, I have been on this range a long time and the folks here are top notch.  They were very helpful but it just took a while to get the right person on the phone and get us into the storage container.  Meanwhile I learned the other folks that had shown up were very experienced shooters, one of which is a Master Class silhouette shooter!  We’ll call him DD as he may not want to be identified here on my blog.  As it turned out he was very knowledgeable and very helpful.  I spent much of the day getting personal instruction from an experienced master class shooter.  This was truly invaluable as I am just getting started.  He talked to me about different holds and showed me how to do them and what the advantages were of each.  He had on a very nice and unique looking shooting vest that he expained was sillhouette legal.  He let me put it on and I could really feel a difference in holding the rifle with it vs. without it.  He said they are hand made by a guy in Montana, Chris Winstead of  (Stay tuned, I have one on the way, you’ll see it here!) 

Eventually, we got into the storage container and the three of us set up the range ourselves.  Shortly thereafter a substitute match director showed up and called the match for us.  I was off to the races!  And boy was it ugly!   😀  As you might suspect I didn’t do too well.  During some warm up shooting at swinger targets that we found, I hit the chicken 7 out of 10 rounds (not in a row) then 4 out of 10 pigs.  The match however, with that damn timer, yielded not so good results.  I was consistent as I managed to shoot a score of twelve, 3 of each animal, but I thought I would do a little better.  Nevertheless, the first match is under my belt and I’m on my way!

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