Lessons learned

Ok, so the first match is behind me; it’s analysis time.  What did I learn?  I learned a lot from DD but what about my own experience?

First of all, you cannot snatch the trigger when you think you are on target and hope the bullet hits the target. This is a poor strategy.  I had a sales manager once that always used to say, “Hope is not a strategy.” Oddly enough that applies to shooting as well.  I realized I needed to breath, control the trigger squeeze and let it break when the wobble was passing onto the target.  This is, of course, difficult and appears to be the crux of the game, consequently that’s what I need to work on the most.  Secondly, I realized, just as it does with action shooting sports, the timer applies pressure to the shooter and caused me to force my shots.  I have to block that out and shoot, “my game” so to speak.  The timer can rush you needlessly and I have to learn to control that sensation.  I would rather have three good shots and have time run out, then as I practice and improve that should develop into five good shots as opposed to rushing all five shots and miss four!  Thirdly, and the least of the issues in terms of my performance, was the scope.  While I have had good luck with this model BSA scope on other rifles in static arrangements (zero it, set it, and forget it) it did not repeat very well and was not easy to set as mentioned in my previous post.

After some research and personal inquiries I decided a variable power scope, with adjustable parallax, and good optics, and easy to reset turrets was in order.  Ultimately, after a good bit of advice and research I settled on The Vortex Viper 6-20X44 30mm scope.

I ordered a DIP picatinny rail and JB welded it to the receiver of my Style.  I then set the scope up in a set of matte silver Warne rings and torqued them to 25 in/lbs.

I am very impressed with this scope.  While most die-hard silhouette shooters seem to prefer the 1/4 to 1/2 minute target dot there are not many scopes with that option available unless you want to spend a WHOLE LOT of money.  I thought this would be a good starter scope as I could later move it to another rifle if I “outgrow” it in silhouette or leave it as is, if I don’t pursue the sport diligently.  Anyway, it is an excellent scope in my opinion as it has good features, solid construction and clear optics.  My favorite feature?  The target style turrets pull up and turn to set to zero.  Very easy to use.

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