Montana mail, unbelievable!

Well, you may remember from one of my previous posts that I ordered a hand made, Chris Winstead shooting vest.  I called Chris on Wednesday, just to check on the progress.  He told me he was finishing up my vest as we spoke and would put it in the mail to me by 1:30 that day.  Now, I didn’t think much about it and figured I wouldn’t see it until at least next Thursday.  I had been thinking it would be great if I received it before the NRA light rifle match this Sunday but figured there was no chance of that.

So……. now, the unbelievable part as mentioned in the title; I received it on Friday!  Two days!  Now you may be thinking, “big deal right?” But, it went from Northern Montana (almost in Canada) all the way to SC in two days by………(wait for it)…….US Postal Priority mail!  I couldn’t believe it!  I opened the box to check out the vest and called Chris moments later and told him I not only received it in good condition but how impressed I was with it.   He was also very surprised it had reached me so fast.  I thanked him profusely for the vest and following is why.

Now, I have done some leather work myself (mind you I am no professional) but I built my own holsters and gun belt once (which I will never do again! 😉 ) with the help of the guys at Jackson’s Leather so I have a rudimentary understanding of how difficult that type of work is and how much attention to detail it takes to do it right and get it looking nice.  I looked this vest over very carefully and could not find a single flaw. The stitching is perfect, the leather was cut without error, and the symmetry is amazing.  I am very impressed with the quality of materials and craftsmanship that went into the fabrication of this vest.  The exterior is a rough out, suede like leather and the interior is 1000 Denier cordura nylon.  The vest feels great and does seem to have a dampening effect on movement of the rifle.  So without further delay, here it is:


And here we are all together!

While I believe I am not good enough yet to really see the true and full benefits of this item I think it is best to start with it and get used to shooting with it even when I practice.  No doubt it will last a lifetime or two the way it has been built!  I am very pleased with it and thanks to DD for recommending it and especially to Chris for building a great product and getting it to me so fast!  I’m looking forward to using it when I shoot.

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3 thoughts on “Montana mail, unbelievable!

  1. It’s coooool..

  2. Perry Emmanuel

    Hi, I’m from Sri Lanka and we desperately need to get some IMSSU jackets.
    Can you please help with some contacts. Would appreciate a mail to

    Thanks in advance,

    Perry Emmanuel
    Sri Lanka

    • wheelieg

      Sent your info to Chris at Hard Scrabble mountain. He’s a great guy. Thanks for visiting my blog. Good luck!

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