Book review, “We’re Alive”

Ok, so it’s not technically a book it’s a podcast. A zombie podcast,and it can be found on itunes, or at My friend RJC turned me on to it as he knows I am a fanatic for this type of stuff.

It is the typical zombie apocalypse story about a group of folks trying to survive the newly infested world and the many things that entails. I have found some character as well as situational similarities from other books I have read but after reading as many as I have, that is bound to happen.

This podcast is not like an audiobook, it is set up more like an old-time radio show with characters speaking lines, sound effects, and even music as opposed to someone simply reading text. It has taken a little getting used to as I am more accustomed to audiobooks which do not contain these enhancements. Nevertheless I am enjoying the story very much. It is well done and the characters are likable, real and believable. It does stray somewhat from the hard specifics of the zombie genre but it seems now many books and films are doing just that likely in an effort to set themselves apart and add a new twist for entertainment value. Currently I am only in Chapter 14 and they appear to be at Chapter 34 at this point in the story so I am catching up.

I recommend it highly. It is worth it if you like this kind of thing and best of all……it’s free!

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2 thoughts on “Book review, “We’re Alive”

  1. RJC

    I came across an audiobook offered as a free podcast (donations welcome) that breathes new life into the zombie genre. The premise is that an asteroid passes near earth leaving a wake of death behind with 1/4 of the population becoming the living dead. The govt gets control over them and feeds them by growing clones of normal people. Someone finds out his clones are being used in ways he wish they weren’t and decides to put an end to it.

    So far it’s a well put together plot with a welcome new angle on Z. It’s narrated by the author which often means poorly narrated but in this case the author does a good enough job.

    If you’re looking for fresh Z check this out:

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