Practice, practice, practice

Well that’s what I am doing.  I am taking time at night to don my shooting vest, pick up my rifle, and dry fire!  Per some more experienced folks I have spoken to, I do some holding without pulling the trigger, investigating what works best for me in terms of hand positions, etc.  I do some trigger pulls with an uncocked bolt, just drawing back looking for movement. Finally, I do some dry fire practice.  I will usually aim at a point outside, some distance away that approximates the size of the targets at distance.  I try to hold on that as best I can and let the wobble settle.  I am finding I do pretty well with my upper body but I get a sway that seems to occur randomly in my lower body thus effecting my whole position.  Kind of like a tree swaying in a light breeze.  Not sure how to combat that, but I am working on more stable foot positions hoping that will eliminate the issue. 

I have noticed that over time my hold is improving, the wobble is getting less and less out of control.  I have also observed that within each practice session I start off wobbly and get more solid as the session goes on. 

In addition to all of the above I also like to set a timer for the 2:15 which basically counts down :15 and beeps, simulating the fire command, then it counts down 2:00 and beeps again signaling the string of fire is over.  I attempt to get off 5 good dry fire shots in the alloted time but I have found this to be pretty challenging.  I need to discover a way to get on target and get good shots off quicker so as to stay within the alloted time frame.  I am trying to develop a rhythm I can stick to but I don’t believe I have sufficient control at this time to achieve a real rhythm.

Nevertheless, as Lone Watie said in “The Outlaw Josey Wales,” “I must endeavor to persevere.”


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2 thoughts on “Practice, practice, practice

  1. Sgt Dork

    You should see the neighbors scatter when he begins practice.

  2. wheelieg

    I’m finding it difficult, with regards to you, to obey my blog’s own clean language rules! PH! Yeah you know what it stands for.


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