Practice pays off?

Well, the next silhouette match is this Saturday so I am eagerly awaiting my opportunity to see if my practice, however meager, is going to improve my shooting and hopefully my score.  I have developed into a repeatable and comfortable stance/hold.  It appears to me that I am getting more stable and I am able to hold much tighter than previously.  My hips have grown accustomed to the odd left forward leaning stance so my elbow can settle comfortably in place on my left hip.  My left hand is more comfortable and shows less fatigue in the shooting position.  Once I get set I “drop” the weight of the gun into the cradle of my left hand supported by my elbow and hip and it rests still.  My right hand grips solidly from the right side of the rifle pulling just a little bit into my shoulder.  I still experience an almost dizzy like sway from time to time and I’m not sure what that is from, but it appears to be going away little by little.  This is a repeatable pattern for me and seems to be working at least in practice.  We’ll see how it goes Saturday on REAL targets!

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2 thoughts on “Practice pays off?

  1. Tricky Ricky

    Hey Weelgun
    Can’t wait for the match this weekend. Hoping I can get some lead on a few targets.

  2. wheelieg

    Yeah me too! Looking forward to it!

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