TWD Premiere! (Spoiler Alert)

YES!  TWD, The Walking Dead opened their third season last night.  Very good show as usual.  Watching Rick’s transformation from the first season to now is amazing.  I have to give the actor portraying Rick a lot of credit.  He has done a great job of transitioning Rick from an innocent father/husband, good intentioned police officer to a gritty, worn, disenfranchised person on the frayed edge.  The acquisition of the prison is a great twist and the scene of the group shooting zombies in the prison yard from guard towers was great.  Isn’t that what every zombie loving rifleman wants to do!  I was a bit dissapointed in the poor special effects regarding the firearms as they demonstrated no recoil and the survivors were making head shots on moving zombies with handguns (especially Lori and her snub nose revolver) at distance.  Also I don’t remember from previous seasons the fake muzzle flash.  This wouldn’t be something you see in broad daylight and the effect they used was poor quality in and of itself.  Regarding the headshots I know there are people who are capable of such, but as a shooter I know it ain’t as easy as they make it look!

I will say the appearance of the zombie wearing a gas mask having his face slide off when Rick pulled the mask off to dispatch him was a great special effect.  I give the team high marks for this kind of attention to detail.

We seem to be picking up the story after some time has passed, evidenced by Lori appearing a good bit more “pregnant” than she was at the close of the last season.  I am a bit puzzled as there seems to be tension between her and Rick that I have not been able to understand as of yet.  It will be interesting to see how this plays out and if the cause is the whole Shane thing which they alluded to in this episode or something else currently unrevealed.

Looking forward to next week!  (Hershel?????)

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2 thoughts on “TWD Premiere! (Spoiler Alert)

  1. Tricky Ricky

    Hey Wheelgun…Thanks for the TWD3 review of the first eipisode. I’ll have to live through you until we get cable…hehe. Sad to know they are skimping on some effects.

  2. wheelieg

    No problem, I’ll keep you up to date right here on my firearms blog, or is it a zombie blog? Guess it’s both! Stay tuned!

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