New Category! Rimfire Roundup!

Alright!  Starting a new category on the blog today:  Rimfire Roundup! This will be a category all about rimfire stuff, with the exception of smallbore silhouette.  It will be about such things as guns, ammo and associated accessories, etc.  Not so much about competitions and results.  All things rimfire not Silhouette associated is what I’m trying to say, so now I have said it, finally.

Moving on: this first post is about a new acquisition of mine.  A good friend decided to part with a nice little 22 rifle.  A Ruger 10/22 USA Shooting Team model.  Now, I would not have been so inclined, as I have had a few 10/22 rifles in the past.  I actually cut my proverbial rifle teeth on one, (like so many others) specifically a 10/22 T, but I find the trigger system in the 10/22 to be lacking so I moved on to other guns.  Let’s face it, I’m a die-hard CZ bolt gun guy.  Nevertheless,  I still like the little 10/22.  It’s an enduring design and after millions in sales and a mad quantity of accessories, there is no arguing it is a great success!  I not here to knock them but it’s kind of like everyone has one so why bother?  Additionally, despite my best personal efforts, the stock trigger can only be cleaned up so much and I just have never liked it.  So why not buy an aftermarket trigger?  Never did want to take one that far.  But……..seems that my friend did and now I have benefitted from his efforts.  I was at his house a couple of weeks ago and he mentioned he wanted to sell it.  He had purchased it for NRA Light Rifle but decided he would not be participate in that sport after all.  I told him I could help him offload it if he would like, never had any intention of buying it myself.  He brought it out for me to see and it was all over!  He had put a Jard trigger system in the gun!  This really was an amazing trigger.  It is much like the KIDD, in that it is a complete departure from the Ruger factory design and WOW what a difference.  At that point I was sold.  It took about a week to talk myself into spending the money but once I did, I re-entered the worldwide club of 10/22 ownership! 


Resting atop is an Intensity Scope (Weaver 44/40) 4-12 X 44 with adjustable parallax.  I was surprised and impressed by the clarity of the scope as it is not a very expensive piece of glass but it appears to be decent quality especially for the money.  Then again, the glass of today is light years better than that of yesteryear and much like computers, what was the highest quality stuff years ago is now the basic stuff of today.  I haven’t shot it yet as I have only recently taken possession but stay tuned for some tests and resultant targets!

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2 thoughts on “New Category! Rimfire Roundup!

  1. Gerald

    As you know I’m a dedicated bolt gun fan also, but I have four of those pesky little 10/22’s in various stages of non-stock down to on incredibly good shooting dead bone stock model, one of mine has a Jard trigger and I agree its a night an day difference. I’m enjoying following your blog.

  2. wheelieg

    Yeah. I have this one and my Rock Island Armory MIG22. I hope to leave it at that. Love my bolt guns! Precision instruments for surgical work! 🙂 Anyway thanks for following along glad you’re enjoying it.


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