Practice DOES pay off!

Well yesterday was my second silhouette match.  Technically I guess it was my first official match as the match director was not present last month and no scores were kept or recorded.  This month I bought my “book” and my scores were recorded officially.  So I suppose this was the first real match.  Anyway, as you may recall from my previous post I scored a meager 12 last month and was not pleased, so I practiced, practiced, practiced!  Yesterday, I shot my CZ 452 Style in both matches (Standard Rifle and Hunter Rifle Class) and scored 26 both times!  We shot standard first then hunter class.  The way the target rotation worked out I was shooting the turkeys last.  I shot the bottom bank of targets first scoring 3/5 then proceeded as instructed to the top bank of targets, my last bank of targets of the day.  I cleaned ’em folks!  My first official match yields my first official 5 in a row pin!  I’m ecstatic!

Consequently my scores landed me in AA Class for Standard and AAA for Hunter.  Nothing like setting the bar a bit high early on huh?  Now I’m stuck, no sandbagging for me!

Let me not forget to mention my bro, Enrique (not his real name) who went with me.  He has never shot offhand before, and he shot a 14 and then a 19!  He is no stranger to a rifle but he has  done most of his shooting from a rested position or speed type shooting like in Steel Challenge.  He told me he had never done any kind of position or offhand shooting before.  I thought he did great considering that!  Congrats to Enrique too!

Loving this sport!  Gotta go, time to practice!

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2 thoughts on “Practice DOES pay off!

  1. Tricky Ricky

    Have to say that silhouette is a completely different event than steel challenge. The former is slow and steady with an incredible count of concentration. Especially off-hand. As Wheel Gun mentioned, I actually hit a few. Can’t go wrong with perfect weather and shooting with a bud. It was an awesome day. Looking forward to the next match.

  2. wheelieg

    Glad you were there and thanks for dropping by the blog!

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