TWD season 3, episode 2

Well, now Hershel makes it through an impromptu amputation, and didn’t we all think Lori was providing mouth to mouth to a potential zombie when he stopped breathing?  When he grabbed her?  Whew!  I thought that was it!  I really like the way Daryl seconds Rick so well, he always has his back, but Rick is really moving in a crazy direction.  He is having to deal with so much, having to handle it when no one else will.  There was no doubt he was going to have to deal with the two rebellious convicts.  Just when you think his humanity is gone, we see the struggle on Rick’s face as he turns back after closing the one outside with the walkers.  He surprised me when he pulls back from the ragged edge and sends the remaining two convicts to the other cell block.  I liked the twist of the prisoners not knowing what it was like outside too.  They really didn’t understand what was happening.  This was really evident when Daryl and T left them with some final advice as they walked away.  Now Carol is practicing surgery on terminated walkers?  That is interesting.  We’ll see where that goes.  I have a feeling it won’t be good.  Again, another great episode, looking forward to next week!

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One thought on “TWD season 3, episode 2

  1. Sgt Dork

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