Soooooo, did I learn anything?

Ok, second match down.  Under the old belt so to speak.  What can I take away from Saturday’s match?  First and most obvious of course, practice does pay off as stated earlier; so keep that up.  Second, in most cases when I missed targets on Saturday I found I was snapping the shot in the hopes of hitting the target; in other words, hurrying the shot.  Once again, hope is not a strategy so don’t break a shot if you are in a hurry.  Pause, slow down, reset if needed and try again. 

One thing I did well was tell myself during the match not to dwell on the misses, but to stay positive.  (I read this somewhere but cannot remember where.)  Also, I reminded myself not to try to go 10 for 10 per animal but 1 for 1 forty times!  Each shot is an individual, if I make it 5 for 5 or 10 for 10 great, but do it one shot at a time.  There were some shots that simply got away from me.  Either a loss of focus or body sway, I’m not sure, just looked up and it was a miss.  However, most of the misses were rushed shots and that is what I will need to work on the most, staying calm not rushing.  I also used some positive thinking techniques when lining up on a target, telling myself, “This target is going to be a hit, it is going down.”  Oddly enough this does help, visualizing the shot, then the target going down before you actually take the shot.  I was surprised, as I usually don’t subscribe to the psycho babble mumbo jumbo but it does seem to work, so I will continue using it into the future.

One small thing I did, in the physical aspect instead of the mental, was cut some lines (checkering sort of) in the bottom of my trigger guard where my thumb rests, to act as an indexing tool.  This doesn’t seem to provided any extra grip or stability, it just helps me repeat my thumb position each time I hold.

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