Leaving well enough alone.

Well I am not able to do as the title says.  Love to tinker, tweak and otherwise fiddle with my gear customizing it in the hopes of improving some aspect of its appearance or performance.  Most of the time it works out for the better sometimes not so much.  Nevertheless I have continued on as is my custom and further modified my CZ Style for silhouette.  After some research it appears the general consensus (with a few exceptions) is that weight forward is better for shooting silhouette.  This apparently aids in damping down the jiggles a bit.  I had my rifle balanced with weight in the back but after some experimenting it appears the general consensus may be right.  Now, I don’t have any hard data just observations on my part so we will see, but it does appear a little extra weight forward is better.  So how did I go about it?  #9 shot, 1/4 pound to be exact.  So not much of an increase but hopefully enough.  I used my trusty dremel to route out a channel in the fore-end, added the shot, and sealed it in place with hot glue.  Now I know this is not a common bedding material but  it is what I had on hand and I think it will work.  I do not know how it will affect accuracy as I have not been able to shoot the gun as of yet, but no doubt I will and with any luck  it will all be ok.

Additionally I hate open or unfilled holes on a gun.  Looks unfinished to me.  So I took a sling stud and cut it off and filed it smooth and replaced it back in the hole so it is flush.  I left it in the white so to speak so as to match the color scheme of the rifle.

Finally I thought I would add a picture of the less than wonderful but rather functional “checkering” job I did on the underside of the trigger guard to use as an index point for my thumb.

Now I’m not crazy about this but it is ok as it is just an index point.  I may try to clean it up later.  Wish I had done a better job but I only had a dremel to work with.  I tried to file the lines in but the file wouldn’t even scratch the nickel finish.  Anyway, what’s done is done right?

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