Yes, once again: What is the best Zombie Apocalypse gun?

Ok, I suppose it was inevitable, as every blog and website on the net, regardless of the creators intended subject matter, must have one discussion if not more so about what is the best firearm or firearm combo to engage the walking undead creatures known as Zombies, Zac, Walkers, Dead Heads, Zoms, The Living Dead, and so on.  So my blog visitor, (BV) Sgt. Dork has fired the proverbial first shot into the rotting, moaning eye socket of this bloody undead discussion.  Allow me to begin by presenting his post and opinion on the subject here:

Just wanted to stop by the blog and inform everybody that the perfect zombie defense ensemble is about to be released to the zombie fighters everywhere. That’s right, the perfect equipment for the job that no self-respecting zombie fighter dare be without. What is it you say? Nothing less than the Keltec PMR 30 paired with the RMR 30 and 2 extra magazines. Yes your math is correct; that’s 120 rounds of zombie slaying power quickly accessible and on your person. So suit up and let’s “git-r-done!”

So the illustrious Sgt, famous of course only in his own mind for knowledge and skill beyond compare, has laid down the law.  The 22 Magnum in the magazine compatible combo of Kel-Tec’s offerings, the PMR30 and the carbine version the RMR30 is the re-animated cat’s meow for him.  So the perfect Zombie Apocalypse combo?  Well…………….May be!  He certainly has something here.  The cartridge is probably stout enough to penetrate the human skull reliably at close head shootable distances and let’s face it, most folks can’t make head shots on moving targets at great distance anyway (especially Sgt. Dork!) so the 22 Magnum may have the right punch for the job.  The 30 rd capacity is outstanding especially considering the minimal weight, compared to a 30 rd mag of .223 or .308.  You can carry lots of 22 Mag ammo on your person and carrying a lot is always a good thing during the ZA!  So do I agree with his choice?  Not entirely.  Certainly a good idea, and I would take it if no other choice was available but one thing the Sgt lacks is a fundamental understanding of all the dangers faced by survivors of the ZA.  This is where he shows his overzealous inexperience.  Often during a ZA, not only must you face the drooling corpses of the recently infected and deceased but bandits, the human slime that exploits the apocalyptic situation for their own benefit now that society has collapsed and lawlessness reigns supreme.  Here we see where the 22 Magnum may not suffice.  So what do I consider the great combo?  If I had my way, I would like a sniper rifle set up for long-range shooting in a moderate caliber no smaller than .243 Winchester and no larger than 30-06 Springfield. combined with a short-range carbine such as the Ruger Ranch Rifle in .223 or 7.62 x 39.  Not to be without, a pump-action defensive shotgun in 12 Ga such as a Remington 870 HD model and of course a Glock model 21 in .45 ACP and perhaps a pocket gun such as a S&W 351C in 22 Magnum as a last-ditch cranium popping panacea.  Finally, a nice, accurate, reliable, good shooting, high-capacity rifle chambered in .22 LR such as a CZ bolt gun or a Ruger 10/22 for those times when you can sit quietly on the 3rd floor of a house and bust Z heads at close but safe range as they moan collectively just outside of reach.  Now seeing that carrying all of this along with the ammo to support theses guns would require an abandoned UPS truck or the always inconspicuous pack mule I know my ultimate dream is simply not to be.  So what would I do realistically?  Most of these discussions center around only being able to choose two or three guns so I will try to take a “realistic” (did I just say that again in a post where we are discussing zombies?) view of what I would like to have to ward off the slimy, infected corpses of my former neighbors.  Certainly a good solid blade of medium length like a machete but something more akin to this:

Followed up certainly by my Glock Model 21 in .45 ACP.  Then for a long gun no doubt an accurized Ruger Mini 14, or an AR platform rifle preferably with a longer barrel for sniper like ability but still maneuverable enough to use in close quarters.  Finally, I would find a way to squeeze a rimfire rifle or handgun in 22 LR into my gear for those times when you need to be a little quiet and can shoot the lower power cartridge to great effect and don’t want to burn your more precious and powerful centerfire ammo.  Maybe a CZ Scout, Small 10/22 or a Smith 617 (or Model 41) or Ruger Single Six.  Whatever was easy and available and of course gobs of 22 ammo!

Would I survive with this ensemble?  Would Sgt Dork with his?  Who knows?  Hopefully we will never need to find out.  But if I gotta go, wouldn’t hangin’ out on the roof of an abandoned house and poppin’ Zs in the noggin’ until the MREs and water run out be a-ok with you?  I guess if the ZA hits that’d be good with me!  😉

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2 thoughts on “Yes, once again: What is the best Zombie Apocalypse gun?

  1. RJC

    Isn’t that the ensemble you carry to work every day already? Also what we take into the back yard for squirrel shooting? it really is a one-size-fits all self-defense armament!

    • wheelieg

      HA, HA, HA! 🙂 In a way I guess you are right! You know me, better too many than not enough! Thanks for stopping by the blog, don’t be a stranger!

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