TWD Season 3, Episode 4

WOW, WOW, WOW!  I am speechless, or printless or however you say it when you are writing a blog and not addressing a group verbally.  This episode was really intense!  Now I must admit, whether you believe me or not, I figured the “poison pill” running around causing trouble was the errant prisoner Rick had closed out in the yard.  It seemed the other two prisoners were going to be brought into the group inevitably, but I was glad to see they “earned” their way in, certainly after the big guy shot the rogue prisoner.  No doubt after this they will be accepted.  Now Mishone’s suspicions continue to grow, and Andrea looks to be falling for the Governor.  Then we come to Merle who now has Daryl on the brain and will no doubt likely be heading out to find him regardless of what the Governor says.  T?  Wow, after all this time, we lose T.  I hated to see that.  While I think he was perhaps one of the least developed characters on the show, a “Star Trek red shirt” of sorts he was always there and always a part of the group.  And where in the world did Carol go when she ran out that door?  Finally, Lori having the baby, then Carl having to shoot her?  What?  Did this happen real fast for anyone else?  I was not expecting that.  I thought it was very heartfelt when she said goodbye to Carl and looked up and said goodbye to Rick.  You know Rick is going to have some, “I wish I could have told her so and so before she died” issues.  This episode was a lot.  Where are they going next?

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2 thoughts on “TWD Season 3, Episode 4

  1. Anna Kelley

    Holy Crap! I think Josh and I had to shake the zombies out of our heads for an hour! I’m so glad we DVR, so we could fill up with mindless, happy, bubblegum shows afterward! This show was soooo so so intense!

  2. wheelieg

    Yep, it was an intense one for sure. Zombies are always in my head, can’t shake ’em but then again you know where I work! 🙂

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