VOTE, VOTE, VOTE!  Yep it’s that time again, so get out and exercise your Constitutional right and vote.  Unless you support Obama then stay home, we would prefer you didn’t vote for him again.  Four more years of the same will tank us, but I digress.  VOTE!

In all seriousness we need to pray for our country to God Almighty.  Pray that He bless us and guide us according to His will, that our country would turn back to Him and shed our unrighteousness.  2 Corinthians 7:14 is a great verse for today.

In church Sunday (yes, I go) the pastor shared a quote with the congregation that he said he heard many years ago, and described it as follows:  “It was a bullet that fit my gun, so I’ve been shooting it ever since.”  (I really liked that!)I repeat the quote here as it is rather fitting for today as well as everyday in general:

“The decisions we make today, are the realities we live with tomorrow.”

Let’s make good choices but more importantly let’s make Godly ones.  God Bless America!

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2 thoughts on “ELECTION DAY 2012

  1. Sgt Dork

    Amen, done and done it. Need to pray that the scales be removed from the eyes of the voters, that they will know what they are voting for and what they will really get by casting their votes for one candidate over another.

  2. wheelieg

    You know it Sarge!

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