Ouch! What now?

Well it happened, “we” lost.  Who is “we” and what did we lose you ask?  Republicans? The election?  On the surface, yes, more directly and more importantly America, the answer to both questions.  America lost, and, it is lost. 

Yesterday was very important, not just as an election determining who gets to live out the next four years of their life at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue but as a directional marker for the country.  The people of this nation chose.  They made a choice for bondage, bondage to a big government over the liberty for which our founding father’s so fervently fought and bled.  At the same time they scoff at anyone who thinks that is what they have done.  We’re old-fashioned, closed-minded Christian conservatives who can’t embrace the truth that things are changing.   Maybe they’re right.   A mentality of entitlement has swept the nation and the government themselves has fostered it much like a drug dealer fosters the junkie’s need for their drug of choice.  They give it to them, get them hooked on it, tell them it’s great and tells them “I’ll take care of you, just come see me when you need a little something.”  Then when they can’t pay, leaves them to suffer.  Now they are hooked and foolishly think that is the way it is supposed to be.  They have surrendered their liberty for a moments comfort.

Additionally, a huge influx of immigrants, legal and otherwise who have come to this nation in the hopes of a better life have unfortunately brought with them their previous countries value system.  Unlike the immigrants that formed this nation many years ago, who ran from the poor, oppressive values of their previous nations and came to America to start a new life of freedom, these “new” immigrants have come to exploit.  They have come to draw on the easy system our government has created and the government welcomes them to do so.  They have come with an entitlement mentality and have drug the values of their previous nation with them into our political system.  In essence they have helped to erode away the very thing they fled to, to get a better life.  Now make no mistake I am not a bigamist, or racist, hating other people or their culture but it has all come together to create a new culture here in America.  One of, “I have suffered so someone owes me.”  I “deserve” this or that without working for it.  Now I know this does not fit every immigrant.  Many are hard-working and just want a better life for themselves and their family, but even those good-natured well-meaning folks have brought with them a set of ideas and values that effect our great nation.  They vote based on those, not on the ones set forth by our Founding Fathers.  They were not born here, or are may be first generation Americans and do not fully understand our history, our heritage and their parents steep them deeply in the history and culture of their previous home country and they grow up effected by that view.  Also schools today teach a liberal curriculum feeding these children a vision of America that is not the same that my parents or even I was taught in school.

Ultimately what we are seeing is not a death of America but a redefining of America into something else.  Something many believe should not carry the name, America.  I don’t think it should either.  That name means so much to a patriot, to a real American.  To many now it means a freebie, a quick handout at the expense of another and no care about how they came to get it or who it hurt for them to get it.  Maybe it is a death of sorts.  America the Beautiful, the land of the free and the home of the brave is now, America the broken, the land of the dependent and home of the suffering. 

That is what I feel today.  A loss.  A loss of the America I grew up in.  One where the Constitution means something, where, “In God we trust” is a national belief.  Where I grew up in classrooms where dusty old pictures of Washington and Jefferson hung on the walls as you entered the school.  Where teenagers would go deer hunting early in the morning and drive their trucks to school with rifles and shotguns still in the racks and deer in the bed of their trucks.  Where we said the pledge of allegiance every morning in class with our hands over our hearts and it meant something, it was real, you could feel it’s importance.  So today I mourn, I mourn the passing of what was and I fear what is become.  That’s why I am sad.

Our lives are in God’s hands, He is always sovereign, but he has blessed us with free will and we as a nation have made this choice and we will suffer the consequences.

May God bless us despite ourselves, and may He lead us back to prosperity.

Sorry Uncle Sam, we couldn’t save you.  I’ll always love you.  It was a hell of a run old friend, goodbye. 

In the words of Shakespeare’s Hamlet, “The rest is silence.”

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3 thoughts on “Ouch! What now?

  1. Sgt Dork

    While it may well be true that he died yesterday, he will not be inactive. He will spend at least the next 4 years spinning in his grave.

  2. Anna Kelley

    This is so true. I am not sure how exactly actual Americans the minority, why when a veteran walks into public you feel as though you’re visiting some new land where nothing makes sense. I have discovered that not only has the true American become one to be scoffed at, and gagged with political correctness, but we have also been robbed of our one human “entitlement” that’s worth anything. Offense. Yup, I should be able to disagree, debate with, and ultimately completely offend you. We should argue our points, be allowed to agree to disagree. Sounds crazy, i know….but it gets better. Our country has adopted such cowardice that our personal, social, and religious lives have taken the full blow. Why are there so many shootings and murders? Why are there so many babies being “terminated”…sorry, Arnold, I know its just murder, but i wouldn’t want to offend the murderer…Er, I mean, “mother”, oh wait, you have to actual mother a child to be that….. But back to my point. People kill people because we are a nation of cowards. Jim will shoot Bob in the face bc 1) he will likely get away w/out punishment, and 2) its fast and easy, and he can blame it on unresolved Father issues. In my world, Jim should sock Bob in the jaw with his bare buckled fist…crazy talk again…. But seriously! What happened to the time when people fought for their rights, fought for their honor, gave their opponent a chance to LIVE and learn a lesson. To become better! What happened to tough love….? Why can’t I spank my child in public, teach her what humiliation due to her actions feels like, be an example to other kids to straighten up? That guy down the street…who starved his dog on a chain…why again is he getting 3,4,5 chances and court paid counselling? BEAT HIM. MAKE HIM EAT DOG SHIT. I promise, he’ll change! Ugh, I am disgusted in this country, i am disgusted that the innocent are oppressed, and the guilty are treated with “civility” and “empathy”. Yuck, Yuck, Yuck! And my service in the USMC….in this “war” that never ends…sure let’s spend more money so those with “same-sex” agendas are comfortable, bc that’s just what defending our country is about….Let’s try to have the most politically correct, non-offensive campaign ever. We’ll show them! Those terrorists will surely say, wow, those Americans are SO accommodating! We shouldn’t blow them up! Or are we just trying to lose our “Christian” label, so we won’t be a target anymore? Cause that’s exactly what THE ALL POWERFUL GOD OF THE UNIVERSE calls us to do…conform and cower. Ugh..
    Anyway, I’m rambling…. I’ll stop. Just had to vent.

  3. wheelieg

    My Darling, I couldn’t agree more. You are not the only vet I spoke to who felt less than enthusiastic about defending “this” country as opposed to the one he grew up in. This “new America” isn’t so much worth the lives of you good service members. It’s not America anymore, it’s “PC everybody but Christians are welcome happy land.” Not sure that’s what the Founding Fathers had in mind. Thanks again for stopping by, always appreciate it!

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