2012 SASS SE Regional Championship, another one in the books!

This weekend the Geechie Gunfighters of the Palmetto Gun Club in Summerville, SC were once again the host club for this years SE regional championship and as usual the cowboys and cowgirls did an excellent job!  Special thanks and congratulations for a great match go out to Match Director, Doc Kemm, Asst. Match Director, Whiskey Mac, Grey Dawg, Country Lawyer, Knot Hardly Dunn, Mat Bastarson, the Mt. Zions, Pick Ax, Saloon Keeper, Shamrock Sadie, Ranger Law, JM Brown and all the scorekeepers, waddies, and berm marshals who made this event possible.  It was a great match, well run, easy and fun for everyone.  I was a berm marshal and all the posses came through my stage and I did not hear one complaint about the match or how it was run.  That is really unusual!  I very much enjoyed being a berm marshal as I get to sit on my stage and ultimately get to see everyone before it is all over.  Really enjoyed seeing everyone.  Some friends who live in the area stopped by to visit and it was great to see them.  Made a few new friends, my boy Semper Fi Sexy comes to mind, and loved seeing old pals like Boozy Creek and Dingo Dave too.  Looking forward to next year already!

Me and Sgt. Dork.

A posse in action.

A shooter lettin’ em fly!

Town Drunk doin’ what he does best!

A motley crew. Ugly ain’t they?

Lovely ladies.

Some of the fast Florida crew!

Some folks are quite unique.

Individual character is in great supply!

A look inside.

Getting ready to bang and clang!

Posse picture time.

Vendors are a must and add a lot to the experience.

The “Kill ’em all Kellys” stopped by for a visit.

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3 thoughts on “2012 SASS SE Regional Championship, another one in the books!

  1. RJC

    You and Sgt Dork – Dual $h!t eatin’ grins. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree my friend 🙂

    • wheelieg

      Thanks. As usual you’re all heart, RJ, all heart. Truthful, but all heart. 🙂

  2. Anna Kelley

    Great to see you! Enjoy your zombie drama tonight, Zombie Hunter!

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