TWD Season 3, Episode 5

Mishone’s pissed, highly suspicious and taking a hike.  Andrea’s filled with a feeling of, “Darn she told me so, now what do I do?  This guy’s a nut!”  The Governor enjoys evening snuggles with his zombified daughter.  Merle and his pals like playing WWE with de-fanged walkers to the glee of the “subjects” of Woodbury in a makeshift arena, Roman gladiator style.  Rick has taken a leave of absence from his senses and is getting mysterious phone calls in the belly of the prison.  Lori’s taking a dirt nap in the belly of a Z.  Daryl has taken over as the new nice guy and defacto leader, and stand in daddy in Rick’s mental absence.  The remaining two prisoners try to squeeze a little merciful good will juice from the dried out stone that is the group.  And the rest of the crew hang on tight until the show’s director calls up their number.  Now correct me if I’m wrong but how did they bury Carol?  We saw her run away, but never saw her die.  Is she going to resurface?  Did I miss something?  Who is on the other end of the phone?  My guess?  Lori.  (Rick is crazy now.)

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One thought on “TWD Season 3, Episode 5

  1. Anna Kelley

    I think Daryl had a daughter…he took a really long stare at the hand print with the name “Sofia” at the daycare….just my thought. And we wondered the same of Carol. Guess we’ll wait til next week!

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