Consistency is Key, or Something Like That!

Well, another match under the belt and my scores?  26 for Standard rifle, 26 for Hunter class oddly, the same as last month.  I had so hoped to shoot a 32 saturday but wasn’t able to make it happen.  What got me?  A couple of things.  First I noticed I failed to reset my scope from pigs to chickens but still managed to drop a few, not sure what that says for my shooting but what’s done is done.  Next, the wind played heck with me on the rams as we had a bit of a crosswind that pushed bullets to the right a couple of inches or so.  However, the worst problem of the day was my follow through.  This has been mentioned before of course but still lingers as my primary problem.  I need to focus on one shot at a time, I have plenty of time to make the five shots in a bank and I need to “look through the shot” as it were.  With these rimfire rounds, especially target ammo travelling around 1050 fps, follow through is really important as any post shot movement can truly throw the round off target as the rimfire bullet is leaving the barrel much more slowly than most centerfire rounds or even higher velocity rimfire rounds. I also discerned it is likely a poor idea to lift weights the day before a match. I think I fatigued a bit too early in the course of the day as a result.

Ultimately it was a great day and I racked up three new five in a row pins!  Pigs in Standard rifle, chickens and pigs in Hunter class!  I was pleased.  I like those little pins!

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2 thoughts on “Consistency is Key, or Something Like That!

  1. Hey there, I saw your site. I’m a rifle silhouette shooter myself in the DC area. I saw your comment on forgetting to change from chicks to pigs and losing a few. I set my zero at pigs (because they’re the biggest) and go from there. Somehow, since doing that, I’ve never forgotten.

    • wheelieg

      Thanks Roger! Appreciate you stopping by. Yeah it’s always something ain’t it? Good shooting out there!

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