TWD Season 3, Episode 6

Well the crazy continues, and I was right, Lori was on the other end of the phone.  Not sure who the other folks were, but ultimately Rick was talking on the phone to his dead wife.  After she reminded him to be strong and take care of their daughter and Carl, he realized he was talking to an empty phone and his grief induced insanity cleared like a fog at sunrise and he came back to the group and held his daughter for the first time.  Merle and some of his boys got their buttocks or rather their decapitated noggin’s handed to them courtesy of the ever talented, tachi wielding Mishone.  (Yes it is a tachi, not a katana.  A tachi is a samurai war sword that preceded the katana historically and obviously had a longer blade.)  She is bad to the bone with that sword!  Merle is lying to the Governor, the Governor is lying to (and shtupping) Andrea, both are falling for the lies but the Governor has his suspicions regarding Merle.  Sadly, while on a supply run for the baby, Glenn and Maggie ran into Merle and he took them hostage and back to Woodbury.  I wonder if there is going to be a confrontation between Daryl and Merle in an episode soon where Daryl must choose between putting down his brother and saving his “family.”  I’ll bet there is.  Now Mishone finds her way to the prison (and Rick) with the baby formula Glen and Maggie left behind when abducted and voila!  we now know how the two groups will be linked together for what is likely to be a volatile confrontation in the hear future.  Almost makes you wish Shane was still around they could use him when that happens!

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