TWD Season 3, Episode 7

This episode didn’t advance the story a lot, but an excellent show nonetheless.  We have Mishone joining the group, Andrea getting a little suspicious, (have you ever seen anyone ignore their personal warning system as much as she does?) Daryl about to collide with Merle, the Governor realizing his efforts to save his daughter are in vain, (but not letting go of the idea or the anger) and oh how I hate to see them mess with Maggie and Glenn!  And props to Glenn for taking out that walker while duct taped to a chair.  Wow!  Carol comes back, the baby finally gets a name, not a good one (sorry to all the Judiths of the world) and a few zombies die while others are distracted by a very recently deceased guy Mishone skewered because he was about to let a bunch of walkers eat the group.  Last but not least the group begins their assault on Woodbury’s fortifications in an effort to liberate Maggie and Glenn.  Gonna get rough!  Next week is the mid-season finale I guess we’ll pick back up in February so hang on for next week!

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