Ok, more about why the Zombie thing is so popular.

Like the title says, more about why the zombie thing is so popular now.  I read somewhere else (can’t remember where) one thing that seems to be evident is that film and at one time literature reflects the mood of the people for a given time period.  For example, when Romero was creating his famous films the big thing was nuclear war and so in his movies the re-animation of the dead was caused, of course, by nuclear radiation.  Many films are as much about the time period in which they are produced as they are about the time period they are set in, such as Sam Peckinpah’s classic, Pat Garret and Billy the Kid.  Shakespeare is of course famous for this frequently jabbing at Elizabethan ideas in many of his plays. 

Sorry, back to zombies, it now seems viral zombies are the order of the day reflecting people’s concern for such epidemics as HIV/AIDS, the bird or swine flu, mad cow’s disease and others.  While I concur with this idea I further submit there is more to it than just that at least for me.  As Americans and to a point people in general but most certainly for Americans we love the image of the lone hero/anti-hero from literature and film standing up against simply unrealistic odds and maybe making it through, maybe not but standing to fight the fight nevertheless because that is what you are supposed to do.  I am now viewing the zombie apocalypse thing through a bit of a political prism.  As a Christian, gun owning, conservative, heterosexual, I can easily see myself and others like me running for our proverbial lives as the liberty consuming evil dead (aka liberals and the ignorant masses that vote for them) chase us into the inevitable oblivion we are forced to run into.  Think of it a bit like this, it breaks down into two groups, the Democrats/liberals are the zombies, mindless followers, all united in wanting to destroy the remaining survivors.  The second group is the survivors aka Republicans.  The survivors are further broken down into three groups, the good guys who are always trying to help others like Rick (Conservatives), then the ones who want you to think they are good and helpful, but in fact want to take advantage of the system (Rhinos), and then those lost in the middle who can’t see which side is right (Andrea).  I cannot help but feel a deep sense of loss, a pain and a sorrow that the America we have always known is no more, and like the characters in things like The Walking Dead, we see them begin the fight with disbelief and confusion, with immediate survival on their mind which is then followed by the hope that somehow this will end and they will get things back to “normal” soon.  The quest for re-establishing normal continues for a while.  At some point the real tragedy sets in, the realization that normal is no more, there is no way to unring the bell, to go back down the path from whence you came.  So how to make a go of it in this new place governed by the ever-present threat of being gnawed to death by a corpse?  Again it is much like how I see things regarding the country’s political climate.  We have lost, the zombie hordes and their smiling master (guess who?) are trampling the land pushing us further out into the abyss.  They hope to run us all out and like a zombie horde they are relentless.  They never stop their pursuit of our flesh and our freedom.  So why do I like the zombie stuff?  Because you can see the parallel feelings.  The sense of, “I must fight the battle even though I know the war is lost.”  Fortunately, as a Christian I know the eternal war, the one that really counts is already won and that gives me peace.  I just hate to see something so beautiful as America and its great ideals be torn to shreds by the gnashing teeth of self loathing, free loading, lazy, socialist liberals (you know, zombies)  because they find it easier to feed on others and do so with lustful veracity until they suck them dry and have stripped them to the bone and the quest begins for another victim.  It’s sad.  We keep running.  They keep coming.  We put some down, we’re safe for a moment, then there’s more.  Ever present and relentless, and virtually infinite. One begets another.  We run some more, they pursue, we get another break, a moment really, then we hear their awful moans and again we flee.  Now shooting them is just to try to create a wide enough swath to get through in the hopes of another respite however momentary.  May God save us, for He is all that can now.  Like the zombie films the initial outbreak was never contained and it spread, slow at first then faster and faster.  Now we can’t recover, can’t hold them back.  Just check your ammo, sharpen you knife, say your prayers, run, and shoot until your out, until your knife’s blade snaps in an extra thick skull when you’re trying to wrest it free and they catch you, and after a grievous moment, all is quiet.

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