Christmas: Cowboy Style!

This past Saturday represented the Palmetto Posse’s Annual Christmas Match.  A fun, free for all type Cowboy Action Shooting match put on every year by the illustrious Match Director, Dun Gamblin.  Never one to disappoint he once again put on a great show.  The match was fun for all, and an all around fun shoot.  As usual he set up to play some unique games for winning prizes such as shooting for cards to try to put together a perfect poker hand to win a special prize.  Perhaps more importantly this year, he chose to honor a very special man, his predecessor, Ghostdancer.  Ghostdancer is a Marine who served a full military career, is highly decorated and fought in two conflicts, Korea and Vietnam.  If you know him you know he’s one heck of a guy, the type legends are made from.  He is always a pleasure to listen to as he always has a story for your listening entertainment whether you like it or not!  At any rate Dun Gamblin chose to honor him in with a tearful and heartfelt dedication, dedicating the match to and subsequently renaming the annual Christmas Match to the Ghostdancer Annual Christmas Match.  Ghostdancer and his family were not only touched but deeply appreciative by the gesture.

On a lighter note I have not shot a match in 8 months and boy did it show!  After a glitch with my rifle refusing to touch off a few primers on the very first stage I discovered I needed to snug the hammer tension screw a bit.  Fortunately that solved my issue but not after four misses went in the books!  All in all it was a fun match and I got to see all the folks I love to see at these things including the always special addition of my brother, The Sundrop Kid who comes down for this match each year, and of course my dad too.  Wish I had shot better, but after an 8 month hiatus and a brawl with bronchitis I was just glad to be there!

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