TWD Season 3, Episode 8

Mid season finale!  And wow what a finale it was!  Glad we are only waiting until February for the next installment.  Daryl finally catches up with Merle and they both get thrown into the same proverbial boat up that ever popular creek sans paddles.  Andrea is still backing the wrong party but is too stupid or horny to figure it out, lost in a haze of hope that maybe the Gov isn’t completely crazy despite the walker daughter and the bottled heads, but hey he might be ok right, Andrea?  All at once, courtesy of Mishone, we say good riddance to Penny and the Governor’s sense of depth perception.  Maggie and Glenn get saved, but we lose the big prisoner, while the little weaselly one turns out to be a bit creepy hitting on Beth.  My advice to him, don’t cross swords with Carl, that’s his woman!  A new group shows up.  Seem like nice folks, we’ll see.  Rick is having continued trust issues with Mishone and enjoys stress induced visions of old friends he’s killed.

Can’t wait until February!


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One thought on “TWD Season 3, Episode 8

  1. Sgt Dork

    Since I missed Sunday’s episode, your review was timely. At least now I know some of what happened.

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