Third Silhouette Match!

Well yesterday was my third official smallbore silhouette match.  Myself, the Match Director, Mical and another competitor, Ed were present for the day’s event.  As usual we shot the standard match first then the hunter class match.  I shot a 27 in the standard match finally breaking the 26 streak with which I was stuck.  In the hunter match I shot a 30, finally, I broke the 30 barrier!  Obviously, I am pleased.  I am now contemplating how I can squeeze into those master class scores.  I know I have to continue to practice and I am trying to think up new ways to enhance my skills.  A couple of things I learned from yesterday’s match; first I need to relax, not so much mentally but physically.  I noticed I was too tense and I was imparting some extra shake to the scope.  I found if I relaxed I had less tremor and could hold a bit better.  Also I employed another neat little technique a fellow shooter shared with me.  I count to three post shot to help maintain my follow through.  I wasn’t totally consistent with that, but I will keep working on it.  (Thanks to TB at RFC for the tip!)

I also closed out the final five in a row pin for the hunter class, knocking off five rams!  I almost got a 10 in a row pin too but 1 hunter class pig stood in my way.  Shot nine, but of course it only takes one and your out.  I suppose next I will be shooting for 10 in a row pins in hunter class and to close out the remaining 5 in a row pins in standard class.  Mical shot a ten in a row for the umpteenth time on the pigs.  Apparently he applied for his Grand Slam pin and there was some problem with a missing report of one of his previous ten in a rows on the pigs so he just decided to shoot it again!  Must be nice just to decide you’ll drop ten targets like that!

As far as new gun mods go, I have added an eye blind shield to the ocular of my scope to fold out and block my left eye so I can have both eyes open while shooting which reduces eye fatigue.  It worked well and I’m glad I bought it.

Anyway, Mical’s girlfriend was present at the match and she was kind enough to take some pictures for me.  Enjoy!

DSCN1622 DSCN1623 DSCN1617 DSCN1614 DSCN1612 DSCN1602 DSCN1600 DSCN1595 DSCN1599 DSCN1597 DSCN1592

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2 thoughts on “Third Silhouette Match!

  1. Sgt Dork

    Your hard work is paying off. We’re proud of you. keep after it.

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