Tragedy in Newtown, CT

First let me say that while this is a firearm related blog and it would be expected of me to begin with statements involving the futility of gun control measures and the possibility of how concealed carry may have saved lives last friday, I am going to pass on that for now.  This is a horrible tragedy where innocent life was taken from nothing more than an act of evil from an evil man.  As an alumnus of Virginia Tech I felt, from a distance, the pain of that tragedy only 5 years ago.  While any such event is devastating to those effected this one was particularly heinous as children, young children, were murdered and in a particularly ruthless fashion.    Today I listened to the pastor of my church pretty much say exactly what needed to be said.  I am going to repeat it here albeit paraphrased.  First we must pray to the Lord Almighty as we are a fallen people living in a fallen world and sin has consequences and this is what we have witnessed.  What we are seeing is a world, a country, individual people who are without Christ.  We don’t need more gun control, or regulations and reforms of any kind, we need Christ.  We need more disciples spreading the Word of God, the Gospel of Christ.  In the interest of full disclosure and avoiding a plagiarism of sorts these are the pastor’s thoughts not my own but I could not agree more.

Please pray for those parents,family members and friends as their misery is immeasurable.  Only God Himself can aswage their pain, only He has that power.  No words a man can relay will stave off that sorrow.  May God bless them all.

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