OK, so what is the problem?

Well I suppose the discussion is inevitable.  More gun control or lock up the mentally ill?  If you are a left-wing democrat liberal your solution to tragedies like friday is control, gun control but more importantly just control, because we all know gun control is not about guns but control.  I spent my lunch hour arguing with a legal immigrant who works in my office about guns and freedom, the 2A and why the founding father’s put it in the Constitution in the first place.  As I stated before she is one of those immigrants who came here from another country (Uruguay) to have a better life then wants to trample the very freedoms she came here to enjoy.  Funny thing was she said she bought a gun while living in Miami but says people shouldn’t have them.  I asked her why she bought one if she doesn’t believe in them, her response was priceless,”I lived in a bad neighborhood where everyone had a gun so you had to have one to defend yourself.”  I asked her is she had ever heard of the expression can’t see the forest for the trees, she indicated she had not.  I figured.  Another liberal mindset.  No thought, no logic just emotion.  She shook her head the whole time I spoke of big government and how a government big enough to give you what you need is big enough to take all you have.  Frustrating, but what do you expect, she’s not from here.

Back to the case at hand, I grow weary of “the gun culture” being associated with violence in this country.  We as a whole, the gun culture, competitors, hunters etc are not responsible for these acts.  We do not laud our guns over others in acts of oppression and anger.  The vast majority of the gun culture in this country is without a doubt more safety conscious than most police personnel.  We are safety nuts, believe in our rights and cherish them.  We abhor this kind of violence and further resent the fact that these acts are used to take away or reduce our God-given right to defend ourselves and our families.  Simply put we are not to blame.  Look at all the movies, and video games lauding violence and anger as ways to deal with your problems.  Where is God in all of this?  I think the left, the Hollywood left and game designers should take up their place of blame, not so much for the killings themselves as I don’t believe they are to blame for that only the killers are, but for their glorification of the violence that makes this so appealing to these young murderers.

Let’s examine some of these mass shootings.  Columbine, VA Tech, Senator Giffords, Aurora Movie Theater, Clackamas Mall, and now Newtown, CT.  What did they all have in common?  Mentally unstable people most of which were carrying out fantasies from films or games.  Furthermore what else do they have in common?  In the cases where the shooters died they took their own lives when confronted by police or another gun.  So what can we glean from this?  Three points.  First, we need to be more attentive to the needs and issues of the mentally ill in this country, second we need to have people who are willing to be armed and stand as resistance to these killers!  Finally and perhaps more importantly, we need God back in the schools!  My heart breaks thinking of those poor children being shot down and no one, NO ONE was there to oppose the killer.  If he had been confronted at the onset of the incident by an armed teacher or guard of some kind perhaps he would have been shot or even taken his own life before harming any of these innocent children.  When are we going to learn an armed action can only be met with armed resistance?  When these people choose that path someone who ohterwise would choose peace must be willing to stand in front of them and stop the armed attack with the only thing that will stop it, an armed response.  I know we should be about peace and love and I agree, but not everyone does agree, so as long as there are people who don’t we can not let our guard down.  Like the old expression goes, Si vis pacem, para bellum. “If you wish for peace prepare for war.”  We must take our own safety and that of our families into our own hands.  The police cannot protect you.  As a former police officer, at least for a short time, I can tell you law enforcement is reactive not proactive and unfortunately all too often that reaction is too late in coming.  I understand not everyone wants to arm up and take on that mantle, I get it, but someone needs to or this will happen more and more.

God bless the families of the fallen and may God take those children into His Almighty embrace.

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