New “Family Member”

Well I recently acquired a new addition to my rimfire family, a 1980 vintage (serial # verified) Thompson Center Contender sporting a nice octagonal 10″ .22 LR barrel.  Upon my pre-purchase inspection I noted it had some fouling or debris in the barrel but the best I could tell not too bad.  The fore end has a few dents but no gouges or scratches so I went forward with purchasing it.  Upon arriving at home it was time to give her a good cleaning.  I proceeded to pull a bore snake through the barrel and had to struggle to get it through. The second pass was easier but a visual inspection thereafter revealed some stubborn residue.  I almost began to panic as I felt I may be looking at pitting which would have made me quite distressed.  After two good scrubs with ballistol and a bore brush the barrel came out clean as a whistle!  I was relieved to say the least.  I haven’t been out to shoot her yet but will update when I do.

DSCN1628     DSCN1627

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2 thoughts on “New “Family Member”

  1. RJC

    When I looked through your safe a few weeks ago I was thinking “gee, a 1980 vintage rimfire is what would make this collection complete”! Enjoy the new gun.


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