Well isn’t that interesting?

After last month’s silhouette match I noticed when shooting at 100 yds my groups were opening up a bit. Actually it turned out they were large groups that were high and right. (See target.) I went to Chopper Dog’s place, (Thanks Chop!) and decided to shoot on target from a bench to diagnose the issue.  Well it worked!  It took me a minute or two to figure out the issue, but I got it.  I remembered something a friend of mine had said about David Tubb, that he doesn’t use overtravel stops on his triggers because they negatively affect his follow through, so I thought maybe the overtravel stop screw I had put on the gun may have been my issue.  Sure enough after I removed the screw I shot another couple of groups and voila!  Problem solved!  This rifle shoots very well at 100 yds!  No more excuses for missing Rams!

The target below tells the story.  From left to right, both upper and lower targets are as follows: 40 yds, 60 yds, 75 yds, and 100 yds.  The top row of targets as well as the bottom 75 and 100 yd targets were shot with the OT stop still in place.  Point of aim for each group was the center bull.  I then removed the OT stop and shot the 75 and 100 yd targets again this time with POA on the bullseye for the top 100 yd target and the bottom 40 yd and 60 yd targets.  The POA for the bottom 75 yd and bottom 100 yd targets was the bottom of the largest yellow circle.  (Got all that?)  Anyway, you can see much better groups as a result, not the high right stringing I got with the OT stop in place.


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