TWD Season Three Returns! Episode 9

Ok, so we’re back!  Yes!  Rick and the gang sprang Maggie and Glenn, only to have to return moments later to spring Daryl and Merle, who ultimately took off together…….?  Yep, Daryl went native and left the group.  Glenn starts to come apart at the seams, who wouldn’t under the circumstances, and Mishone’s future with the group is left in great question.  Meanwhile back at the prison, folks are making nice with the four newcomers who have two not so friendly folks in their midst but fortunately the big guy in their group has got enough sense for them all.  Hershel tries to persuade Rick to let them stay and then, yep, Lori returns, sort of.  A well dressed ghostly apparition appears only to Rick, high on the cat walk above him standing motionless just glaring at him from behind a shadow covered visage, leaving his final answer to the four a bit ambiguous.  The governor slips all the way into crazy wanting blood for his dead daughter and because he has nothing else to do, so he sets his sights on the prison and Rick’s group.  Andrea is left a bit alone but seems to settle Woodbury back into a calm, cohesive group ready to rebuild the new, post zombie apocalyptic world, into a kinder, gentler, friendly little zombie free utopia.

Stay tuned folks, it’s getting crazy!

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