So the POTUS speaks.

So last night was the State of the Union address.  Big O (no, not Oprah) stood before the nation and addressed issues such as the deficit and its reduction, women’s rights, taxes, immigration “reform” and yes of course the inevitable nod toward gun control.  As usual his writer did a fantastic job making him sound very presidential with the soaring rhetoric of a campaign speech.  This is tiresome for those of us who have listened to him constantly campaign for himself even though the election is over and he won.  O constantly uses big concepts to make him sound like he has the country’s best interest at heart.  Who wouldn’t want less violence, safety for women, the budget balanced and jobs to return?  Pretty much everyone right?  Of course but it’s the way he wants to go about that.  Excessive taxes, hurt the economy not help it, that’s been proven time and again.  Illegal immigrants or “undocumented people” or whatever they are calling them now are well……ILLEGAL!  They should not be here.  I don’t blame them for wanting to leave their own horrible country but we cannot pay for them to be here.  The citizens of this country cannot afford to keep sending them to school, and paying their medical bills but the government has no desire to solve this problem, they don’t have the guts, they want the votes, period.  And guns, violence with guns, this cannot be legislated away by any means.  Last time I checked it was illegal to murder someone but hey, folks do it anyway.  Laws only matter to those who obey them, why do they persist then?  Control, gun control is about control, not guns.  They don’t know an AR 15 from a Smith 625!  And furthermore don’t care!

It comes to this, I am a fundamentalist.  The Bible first the Constitution second as the things that stand as my governing principles or ideals.  What more do we really need?  I argue with liberals from time to time and they talk about issues, how they want this or that and how we should do it this way as if they can think their way through the problem in today’s context.  No thought as to whether it’s within God’s Word or Constitutional at all, just maybe a good idea.  “Something needs to be done,”  they’ll say, “That looks like a good idea and it will help, nobody needs a gun  like that.”  For me,  I go to God’s Word first then if needed, to the Constitution for my answers.  It’s simple to me.  The answers are right there, but they think they know better.  I grow weary of seeing homosexuality on TV, having it thrust in our face.  Infidelity at every turn.  Hollywood stars and starlets marrying, cheating and fornicating then being glorified in the rags that pass for major media today.  Children born out-of-wedlock to them and left to grow up without a true family.  A constant attack on God and Christianity is certainly underway.  They (liberals) cannot have their way as long as God is present in our lives and hearts.  The rights in the Constitution are God-given and they cannot do away with them successfully until they do away with Him.  Now, obviously they cannot get rid of God, but I mean to say they are pulling Him out of our schools, our government buildings trying to remove him from our very psyche.  Then they can conquer the nation as He will be “out of the way” and they are free to do as they please.  This simply cannot be allowed to happen.  We must stand up for our rights for what we believe.  Now more than ever, we must stand.

Christ is my front sight, if I focus on Him, I’ll always be on target in life.

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2 thoughts on “So the POTUS speaks.

  1. Sgt Dork

    No one seems to be talking about it, but he again brings up infrastructure. In his first year, we “gave” him approx. $1 trillion that he said would be spent on shovel ready infrastructure jobs. Did he? Not a cent.

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