TWD Season 3, Episode 10

Okay, now we’re getting somewhere!  Andrea continues to stumble about in a fog, not able to make up her mind if the Gov. loves me or loves me not or is just plain crazy!  Maggie and Glenn can’t seem to find their happy place with each other.  Glenn steps up in the absence of Daryl to be Rick’s second since Rick spends his time in the woods searching for the memory of his now deceased wife in the form of a vision only he can see.  Daryl and Merle don’t get on too well alone in the woods and Daryl, with Merle reluctantly following behind, returns to the prison group just in time to save Rick’s hide.  The Governor puts one through Alex’s noggin (just when you think he and Carol are kinda hittin’ it off) at a pretty good distance with a Steyr AUG.  Then the group has to fend off a truck full (literally) of zombies released in prison yard by the Gov.  Finally the group returns fire on their assailants with stunning ineptitude!  Is this the same group that in the first episode of season three was making head shots with handguns on moving targets at great distance when clearing the zombies from the prison yard?  Now they can’t hit anything with scoped M4s?  What happened there?  Anyway, the fun has begun and Rick realizes, in a few words, “It’s on!”

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One thought on “TWD Season 3, Episode 10

  1. Anna Kelley

    Okay okay….give the people a break! There’s been little rest (newborn and all) and a lot of head-craziness going on, so maybe they just have some blurry vision, sore muscles, and case of the “aw-come-ON!-SERIOUSLY?!”s. That makes it hard to shoot straight. But I was wondering how on EARTH did the watch tower guy get nailed, but the Gov seems to magnetically repel rounds…. Anyhow, looking forward to the next episode. Intrigued to see how Merle fits in……

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