TWD Season 3, Episode 11

The Gov gets a nifty new pirate accessory, Rick takes a sabbatical from crazyville for a bit, Daryl’s back in the number 2 slot,  Terence and the gang hook up with the Gov but I bet that won’t last at least for him and the girl, Merle does his best to fit in, in true Merle fashion.  Andrea makes a pilgrimage to the prison under a proverbial white flag flown in the guise of a toothless, armless zombie ala Mishone.  They let her in to talk but they ain’t all that happy to see her!  All in all Mishone is right, she’s under the Governor’s spell, and in an effort to make things good between the Gov and Rick she comes out looking spineless and weak.  Pick a side babe, this is the zombie apocalypse, no room for waffling here, choose up and let ‘er rip!

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