TWD Season 3, Episode 12

Morgan re-emerges!  Yep, after almost two seasons we finally see Rick’s first ZA buddy, Morgan, and he’s crazier than an outhouse mouse!  Apparently the ZA has not been good to him.  Consequently he feels let down by Rick even though Rick tried relentlessly to help him and he feels at fault for his son’s death at the hands of his zombie mother since he lacked the cahones to drop the old ball and chain in her undead tracks when he had the chance.  Nevertheless Morgan has stockpiled all the guns and ammo Rick and the gang need to put up a good fight vs. the Gov which is of course is rapidly approaching so not a total loss.  Hopefully there is a little skill hiding somewhere in those guns because the group needs it bad after last weeks poor showing in the marksmanship department.   Mishone makes a little headway in the group befriending both Carl and Rick on their little excursion.  And we see a new guy running up and down the road trying to catch up to Rick et al. he gets left behind twice, he becomes zombie food, they get his backpack.  I wonder if any of that will be material later?  And Morgan?  Will he stay in crazyville?  Will he re-emerge again, this time with his full faculties?  (Doubt it!)  We’ll just have to wait and see.

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