Takin’ some noobs shootin’

I work with lots of folks and most know I’m a shooter and so when they want to shoot they usually come to me.  I’ve had a couple of noobs after me for a while so I arranged to take ’em out Friday afternoon after work.  Now these folks have never shot a real gun in their lives, and unlike most male jerkwads who think it’s funny to put a .50 AE Dessert Eagle in the hands of a 90 lb girl and laugh as she fires it off, falls down and tries to recover from the impact of the slide colliding with her skull of course never to pick up a gun again (all in the name of youtube ratings) I choose not to do this, so I can hopefully cultivate a real shooter and gun friendly person from their initial experience.  I start all noobs off with 22s both in handgun and rifle, not only is it low recoil and low noise but it’s cheap too.  I find if they are not scared of the gun it builds their confidence and they are easier to train as they are able to focus on what I am teaching them and not on whether the gun is going to hurt them.  As a result they seem to do much better and have a better experience.  Personally, I think it is very difficult for newbies to focus on the basic fundamentals of marksmanship when shooting small revolvers or autos such as those intended for concealed carry in .38 special or 9mm as these guns are just more difficult to shoot.  I know there is a great surge in this country for folks to get CC permits and I am really happy about that but too often I see these folks at ranges being instructed by someone who doesn’t know any more than they do shooting guns that are for concealed carry and not best suited for training purposes.  Again I have no problem with all these noobs entering the gun culture in fact I think it’s great, I just wish they’d slow down a bit and learn the fundamentals first.  Anyway, right or wrong, that’s how I do it when I start folks off.  So we began with a lever-action 22 rifle, (Marlin 39A) shooting 22 shorts, followed by a 22 revolver (S&W 617), then a 22 auto pistol, (S&W Model 41) and finally a scoped autoloading 22 rifle (Remington 552 Speedmaster).  They had a great time (so they said) and I enjoyed getting to introduce another couple of noobs to shooting and to firearms in general.

Starting with the rifle.

Starting with the rifle.

First shots.

First shots.

Handgun time.

Handgun time.

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5 thoughts on “Takin’ some noobs shootin’

  1. Sgt Dork

    Excellent program. That’s the way to do it. Now those newbies will tell all their friends how much fun shooting can be. New recruits to vote for freedom.

  2. Adie

    Aww Wheelgun!!! We had a great time!!! I definitely told my friends how awesome the experience was!! You’re such a great instructor!!

  3. wheelieg

    Thanks Adie. Had a great time. You were a great student, and you really shot well.

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