TWD Season 3, Episode 14

Wow, wow, wow!  Well, Andrea is in a world of bad smelly stuff!  She’s the Gov.’s new torture test dummy, kind of a pre-Mishone test run.  Her chances don’t look too good.  What a tense chase scene in the old factory building!  The Gov. is really drifting further out into crazy space.  All in all I really hate to see Andrea face the fate it appears she is approaching but she has never taken a real stand.  Trying to broker peace and ignoring the Gov.’s real character just shows an absence of sense.  Maybe  she’s a little too idealistic in my opinion.  Anyway, it looks like Milton is going to have his share of issues as well by burning the Gov.’s personal undead army and Tyrese and his crew are proving out my theory as the divisions between them grow.  Not to mention the flashback of Andrea and Mishone discussing the identity of her former undead guards.  Hmmmmm.  Only 2 episodes left.  Ugh!

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