Fifth Silhouette Match

Well, March was the 5th Silhouette match.  February was weathered out, it was the same day I did my cartridge sorting, so no match there.  Needless to say the layoff showed in the results of this month’s match.  A two month absence and unfortunately no real practice either led to  a rather dismal performance.  Now, the weather was beautiful, warm, sunny but WINDY!  Nevertheless my scores were as follows:

Standard Class Match: 7 Chickens, 7 Pigs, 4 Turkeys, 3 Rams for total score of 21

Hunter Class Match: 5 Chickens, 4 Pigs, 7 Turkeys, 3 Rams for a total score of 19

I have been reading David Tubb’s latest book, “The Rifle Shooter” in the hopes of picking up a few extra points and improving my skills, however the book appears to be aimed more at the Highpower shooter.  I have found some good tips and Tubb has certainly forgotten more about successful rifle shooting than I’ll ever know but it is a difficult read.  Tubb is a bit longwinded and while I don’t begrudge a professional such as himself that right I am looking for more direct instructional information.  Anyway, it’s still a good book and I’m enjoying it.


My next step is to send off my Vortex Viper scope to have the manufacturer replace the BDC reticle with a fine crosshair with a target dot reticle.  This seems to be the preferred reticle among silhouette shooters and after shooting a few matches and looking through others who have them I can better appreciate why it’s preferred.

The day wasn’t a total loss though.  I picked up a nice used NS 522!  With 2 mags, ok one mag but the seller said he has another one he just has to find it and get it to me at the next match!  I’ve heard and read great things about them so hopefully it will be a good one!  Besides I got a great deal on it.  Looking forward to shooting it!


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One thought on “Fifth Silhouette Match

  1. Robert Mao

    By any chance, would you be willing to sell the NS-522? I’ve been looking for one for a while.

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