TWD Season 3, Episode 15

Merle grows a conscious; then dies?  Wow.  What a show!

This show was really a show about redemption, a journey back to a sense of ethics or character.  Lots of little stuff packed in there.  Rick rediscovers himself and returns to who he wants to be (or should be) even in the face of the zombie apocalypse, of course demonstrated by turning back on his original decision to give up Mishone.  Naturally, seeing his now dead wife, Lori (symbolizing his conscious) didn’t hurt.  Maggie and Glen get engaged (with a walker borrowed ring) but more importantly Glen asks Herschel first, showing a bit of the pre-walker world and how he still maintains some modicum of innocence even after everything that has happened and an appreciation of same is reflected in Herschel’s face.

And wow, who doesn’t feel real bad for Daryl?  I know I’m a little bummed Merle is out but he was really more trouble than he was worth but Daryl?  I hope this doesn’t bust him up.  Hopefully it will push him deeper in the group and closer to Rick and maybe Carol.

On a side note, I noticed a small editing error in the show.  When Merle steals the car it has large, silver mag type rims on the wheels but when he rolls into the industrial area the car is missing them.  Just an observation.

One episode left!

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