SC State Cowboy Action Championship!

Well, it has come and gone!  This past Thursday, Friday and Saturday was the SC State Cowboy Action Championship and as expected Junky and the boys put on a great match.  Stages were well written, clear, fast and most importantly FUN!  Side matches on Thursday included the rapidly growing Wild Bunch Match.  Special congrats to our own Sgt. Dork as he walked away with the first place prize in the Wild Bunch Men’s Traditional category.  Good shooting, Pard!  Main match opened Friday morning to a chilly 30 degrees!  After thawing out a bit the shooting warmed up as did the temperature and a good time was had by all.   As usual the evening frivolities went on into the night thanks to the usual bunch, Bullshead, Whiskey Mac, Grey Dawg, Mat Bastarson, Lorenzo Kid, Sue and Kid Ray, Dork, myself and too many others to mention.  It was a great day!  Unfortunately, Saturday was a different story and the rain kept about 25% of folks from shooting the rest of the match including myself and Sgt Dork!  While the Sarge had a great day Wild Bunchin’ the main match was hard on him.  He had some reloads that didn’t agree too well with this rifle and basically cost him any chance of placing well in the competition so he was less than motivated to keep going in the rain on Saturday!  Oh well, such is Cowboy shootin’!  Check out my best stage from Friday, a buddy was kind enough to record for me.

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2 thoughts on “SC State Cowboy Action Championship!

  1. Anna Kelley

    Great shooting, Brett!! I’m glad you all had a great match… dispite the rain…

    • wheelieg

      Thanks Darlin! Glad to see someone still stops by here! Shot ok, certainly much better than I expected given I haven’t shot cowboy in ages. Hope you and yours are well!

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