TWD Season 3, Episode 16 – Season Finale!

Well, there you have it boys and girls, the end of season 3.  Folks (the ones he didn’t kill) finally figure out the Gov. is really crazy as he mows down some of his own people after being successfully rebuffed at the prison.  Tyrese, Sasha and a whole bunch of folks from Woodbury join Rick and the crew in the prison as new residents.  Carl “little Gov.” Grimes begins to slip a little mentally and Rick isn’t sure what to do about it.  He shoots a guy that appears to be surrendering but who really knows?  And yep, we say goodbye to Milton and Andrea.  Actually in a twist of Gov. induced fate they kill each other, although sort of against their will.  Truthfully, the Gov kills Milton the first time, Milton turns, bites Andrea and she kills him the second time, then Rick, Mishone and Daryl find Andrea, she says her good byes and with Rick’s trusty Colt revo she offs herself.  On a side note the producers messed up a little and after her suicide single head shot you hear the tink, tink of a shell casing falling to the floor.  Ooops!  Small oversight I guess.  Anyway all in all a great ending to a great season.  Looking forward to season 4 in the fall.  What’s next I wonder?  Who knows but we’ll have to wait to find out.  Stay tuned here for continued coverage.

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