Sixth Silhouette Match


Well, I’ve been off awhile, much to my dismay and largely against my will, but such is life.  Anywho, I was able to get away yesterday and plink some pesky metal critters at the range.  We had a good turnout yesterday, a total of 10 people.  We shoot the Standard Class Match first in which I am a AA class shooter.  I scored a 25 and took the AA class title and followed that by another win in the Hunter class where I am an AAA class shooter taking that title with a 29.  Needless to say I was very pleased with my shooting especially since I hadn’t shot or even practiced in two months!  It was an extra special day too because Sgt. Dork and my bud Tricky Ricky joined me yesterday for the match.  This was Sgt Dork’s first Silhouette match.  He used my CZ 452 American which he has never shot and he did surprisingly well!  It should be noted he is not a rifle shooter.  He is an action shooter, a run-n-gun kind of guy.  He shoots USPSA, Steel Challenge, Wild Bunch, Cowboy, etc and this basically wasn’t his bag.  Nevertheless, despite all of that, he sported an 11 in the first match and a 15 in the second match which actually won the combined (A, B, Unclassified) category for both matches, although it took a single round shoot off to garner the Standard match honors.  So congrats to the Sarge!  Incidentally, I don’t expect to see him on the Silhouette range very often!

I did make some changes in my setup yesterday.  I chose to shoot the NS 522 and my newly altered scope.  I had sent my Vortex Viper back to Vortex and had them replace the BDC reticule with a fine crosshair/target dot.  Both rifle and scope performed very well.  I thought the new reticule was great and made it much easier to shoot those steel critters.  I highly recommend one for silhouette.  The fine crosshair/target dot creates less visual distraction in your field of view and made it a bit easier to focus visually and therefore concentrate on the targets better.  The NS 522 performed flawlessly and will now be my new silhouette rifle of choice although I’m not giving up on my CZ Style.  The extra weight in the barrel was awesome at improving stability and it was right on the money.  I did buy a Weaver T24 with target dot from a buddy and I think I may put that on the NS 522 and return the Vortex to the Style.  We’ll see.

Nevertheless we all had a great time and hanging with Sarge and my bud Tricky Ricky for the day is always a bonus!

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2 thoughts on “Sixth Silhouette Match

  1. Gerald

    Sounds like an excellent return to Silhouette, those NS 522’s have an excellent reputation for accuracy.

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