Eighth Silhouette Match

A bit late in posting this but as they say better late than never!  Saturday, June 15th marked the eighth attempt at knocking little steel critters from their ferous foundations.  While it proved to be a slight improvement over my last attempt it was nothing to write home about, but I guess I’ll blog about it!  Anyway I returned to the CZ Style/Vortex Viper combo for the day as the NS 522 is in the process of transformation.  (More on that later.)  So for the Standard match I toppled a lackluster 22 critters, 7 Chickens, 5 Pigs, 4 Turkeys, and 6 Rams.  Usually I perform better in the second match, the Hunter class, but today not so much, only bringing down 19 steel critters in the form of 6 Chickens, 6 Pigs, 2 Turkeys, and 5 Rams.   Not the best of days but not the worst.  I could feel a bit of difference in the movement of the rifle as the weight is not that of the NS 522 but I figured out quickly that my muscles were fatigued likely from dehydration.  I was simply asking more of them than they could offer at the time and while I drank a lot of water and felt the condition improve it was too little too late.  Otherwise it was a beautiful day, Sgt Dork shot again in an effort to avoid the open sun and heat of the Steel challenge match and scored a solid 11 and 17 respectively.  He has had good luck with the CZ 452 American I have lent him and seemed to be doing a little better with silhouette in general.  A couple went to a shoot off in the second match and it came down to 4 turkeys!  Both are accomplished and experienced shooters.  It was impressive.  More so because the guy shot the second match with an open sight rifle he borrowed from another competitor!  He had never shot open sights before for silhouette and he had never shot that gun before.  In the first match he shot a 33 with his own scoped rifle and in the second match with the borrowed gun?  He shot a 28!  That my friends is talent, skill at its best!  Maybe one day I’ll get there!

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One thought on “Eighth Silhouette Match

  1. Sounds like a good day to me, some folks just seem to be able to shoot anything that comes to hand and the gentleman you mentioned is obviously one .

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