TWD Season 4, Episode 1


They’re baaaaaaack! Yes, the dead walk again or rather The Walking Dead walks again or whatever. The season four opener did not disappoint. A few months have passed and we see new characters, folks that Rick rescued from Woodberry. Rick has become a farmer. Carl and Rick have repaired their relationship. There’s a defacto government known as the Council. Daryl appears to be a rising leader. Zombies fall like rain from the sky, ok actually they don’t, they just fall through ceilings and, of course, a new guy gets eaten. Rick runs into a spooky chick in the woods that looks like a zombie but turns out she’s just crazy and really in need of a bath. Oh, and yes she dies. After an unsuccessful attempt to hack Rick in two she offs herself Samurai style. And finally, some kid (Patrick, I think) dies from an unknown cause while in the shower prison room and then turns, putting everyone who is sleeping blissfully nearby at risk of being a human MRE.

Here we go!

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