TWD Season 4, Episode 2

Ok, so Patrick wakes up in the shower, not really Patrick anymore, then proceeds to eat a guy. He wakes up too and the pair chomp their way through D Wing. Rick realizes he can’t hide behind being a farmer anymore and has to get back in the so-called game. Carl gets his gun back, Zombies nearly breach the fence, Mishone has an emotional reaction to Judith leading one to speculate a bit on her pre-apocalyptic past. Daryl is still the man. Cute chick from Woodberry who has a thing with the big black guy gets sick then gets cooked, literally. She is found burned by an unknown person, sending aforementioned black guy into a rampage of sorts. All this fun courtesy of a nice little flu type virus likely a swine flu. So what does Rick do? He snaps back to his old self and saves the fence by feeding the zombies a little pork, some bacon, and some ham, you know the little piggies on the farm. This eliminates the swine flu problem as well as leading the zombies away from the fence, saving the whole group twice in one shot. Welcome back, Rick!

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