Newest Additions!

Well, I have unfortunately allowed the Rimfire Roundup portion of the blog to languish unattended for quite some time.  Sadly, I haven’t been as devout as I had hoped in publishing new information in this category, but life has not allowed for the requisite range time to do so as thoroughly as I would like.  Nevertheless, I haven’t forgotten about this happy little corner of my blog and the time has come for it to resurface.

I have acquired two new additions to my rimfire family and here they are!

First up is my (new-to-me) Ruger SP101 in 22 LR!

photo (22)

I have a couple of other (ok, more than a couple) 22 revolvers and was trying to resist purchasing one of these but my favorite LGS had one used and gave me a good deal on it and I just couldn’t resist.  Basically it all started when a friend at church approached me about wanting a 22 revolver.  I had seen this one for a decent price a few days later and called him to tell him about it.  I guess extolling it’s virtues, “selling” him on it got me to thinking and a few days later I was back in the store and it was still there.  I thought, “He hasn’t come to get it, sooooooo, I WILL!”  I felt kind bad, like I snaked it out from under him, but I noticed a day or two later there was a brand new one at another LGS and told him about that one.  Besides, I really have no idea what or when he intends to buy so no big deal in the end.  As is turns out, the gun was used,  I originally thought it was new because it was in great shape, very clean, and even shiny, as if never fired.  Turns out, the included test round was fired May of this year so it couldn’t be too used!  Anyway, I bought both of these guns together and he gave me a good deal as a result.  The story on the SP101 was that a guy bought it for his wife and she didn’t like, or couldn’t handle, the trigger pull so he brought it in to trade.  I got her home (the gun, not the wife) and for the first time ever buying a used gun I didn’t have to clean it!  Apparently the previous owner was a guy like me who cleans his guns immaculately and in his case before even trading it in.  The double action trigger was very heavy and very long.  I had read a review about this gun and in the review two things were stated: 1) The trigger is heavy and 2) the sights are not target worthy.  I took the little guy apart and polished some internals and adjusted some springs and while it is still long, the double action trigger pull was much improved.  My intent is to install the SP101 Wolff spring kit in the gun but I wanted to see if I could get away with a little improvement on my own.  During it’s first range trip the gun performed without issue and even though I had a couple of FTFs that can be easily attributed to the cheap bulk ammo I was using.  I found the sights to be well made and good general purpose sights but as stated above far from target sights.  The front sight is a hi-vis green fiber optic sight which shows up great in the sunlight of the day.  No chance of missing it when you point the gun.  Perhaps Ruger had this in mind for the gun with regards to their rimfire challenge competition where a sight like this would excel.  For tight target work it just won’t do.  The front sight blots out the entire target and your vision is so obscured no point of aim can be held consistently unless you use a 6 o’clock hold or switch to a particular style of target.   All in all I am thrilled with the little gun.  Shoots well, looks great, can be improved if you don’t like the trigger, and as always it has that Ruger over engineered quality I have always appreciated.

Second in the lineup is a CZ 452!  (Big surprise, I know.)

photo (21)


This is the 16″ threaded barrel version.  I saw this gun a couple of months ago and it haunted my mind for weeks!  I knew I didn’t need it and I tried not to want it but it was burned in my psyche.  I hoped someone would come along and buy it so I wouldn’t but that didn’t work. It was there, every time I went in and it just called out to me.  I couldn’t resist her sweet Czech beauty!   To that end she has the prettiest furniture I have seen on a CZ and was in really good shape.  The stock has a short length of pull making this a light, fast handling little bugger.  My initial range trip was a big success,  she shot great!  However, thanks to some difficulty with another gun, I was forced to swap rings and basically start the zero process over again.  My second foray to the range proved the zero process to be quick and this little gun just plain shoots.  I was getting nice little groups which is a bit unexpected given it’s a short pencil style barrel.   I topped it with a Leupold M8 6X with parallax adjustable objective.  I got this scope on another gun I purchased used but wow, what a perfect rimfire scope!  It’s very clear and even though it has a few scratches on it, it works flawlessly.  My only complaint is that the windage and elevation adjustment turrets are the type without clicks and that makes precise sighting in a bit more challenging but it turned out pretty good nevertheless.  Again I am very pleased.  The next question is, do I go through all the crap to get a can or just let it be?  Time will tell.

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8 thoughts on “Newest Additions!

  1. Two very nice additions Sir, you did well.

  2. Bro-leaks

    I remember very well a time not long ago when Wheel Gun swore up and down that a 45 acp was the ONLY caliber worthy of owning, much less shooting. He said he would never even consider a puny round like a 22. Just thought I’d let the blog-reading community know what their idol writer used to be like (kind of like exposing the skeletons in a politician’s closet). Just call me bro-leaks! This info can be confirmed by one of my informants whom I will only refer to as DG.

    • wheelieg

      I refute that comment, Sir! I never recall having said such a heretical statement. I’ll allow your comment as you are obviously mentally ill, old and delusional and therefore worthy of my sympathy. 🙂

      • Ray C

        For the record, this is a direct quote from Wheel Gun when I was considering a 44S&W instead of 45 ACP: “That’s a price that may cost you your life! “

      • wheelieg

        Ok, I said that but I don’t remember it being a 44 Special! I think you embellished that part a smidge. 😉

  3. Sgt Dork

    But, but, but………………….you just went and bought 2 45acp 1911’s as your main carry.

    Maybe Bro-Leaks was right after all. And of course no one could argue firearms with Sgt. Dork.

    • wheelieg

      You’re right, no one can argue with you! Like talking to a fence post! 🙂

  4. Ray C

    Nice gun, you’re collection is finally getting somewhat rounded out, at least in 22 cal 🙂

    That front sight looks very nice.

    I STILL haven’t shot my new LWRC!

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