TWD Season 4, Episode 4

walking-dead-2(I know, it isn’t a season 4 image but I liked the throwback to season 1, ok?)

Wow! Wow! Wow! Rick banishes Carol from the prison to live on her own. Wow! I did not see that one coming. Very shocking. In related news: Tyrese has anger issues, Daryl nearly beats the crap out of Bob the drunk (rightfully so) after extending his trust and friendship only to have it stomped on and then he resurrects a Plymouth mini van! (Yuck! A Plymouth? Man, I’d have searched around for a Honda myself but hey it’s the zombie apocalypse what can you do?) Anyway, go Daryl! He continues to reign as the King of Kick Ass in the zombie apocalypse. Moving on: Rick takes Carol out on a run and after finding two young folks hold up in a house and fixing the guy’s arm they split up and forage food and supplies. Ultimately, the girl gets eaten and the guy disappears and Rick banishes Carol. Folks at the prison don’t play much role in this episode as the focus is largely with the away teams. Daryl et al. get the meds they need and begin their journey home, who knows how many at the prison will still be alive and if the meds will help. We’ll see!


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