TWD Season 4, Episode 5

Wow, another great episode!  Lots going on here.  Rick tells the truth about Carol and nobody seems to be overly upset about it (but Daryl doesn’t know yet so we’ll see), Hershel nearly buys it in the infection ward, Glenn almost succumbs, Maggie breaks through and saves the day, and the Zombies break through too, but they break through the fence!  Rick and Carl hold them off M4 style and as usual Carl saves Rick’s butt and Rick has a proud but scared moment over it all.  Daryl et al. return in time to administer the antibiotics saving some of the folks in the sick ward including Glenn.  And finally……….Yep!  The Governor returns!  He’s back, much to my dismay.  I was hoping he would not return for at least a season or so but he’s back.  Ultimately, this  explains why so many walkers keep appearing at the prison fence seemingly out of nowhere.  He must be herding them there.

Next week should prove to be very interesting.


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