Ninth Silhouette Match

Ok, after several months away I’m back on the silhouette range! The aforementioned NS522 went down the river as they say. I just couldn’t marry up to it. In it’s place I found a used Anschutz Model 64 Match rifle and I have fallen in love! She was right dirty when I found her and I was afraid it might be in real bad shape! I inspected the gun as best I could at the LGS and brought her home anyway. I got to it right away and she cleaned up great! The post-cleaning inspection revealed no real damage and the wear is really just confined to the stock. At that point, I was pretty happy with it, then I shot it! Now, I’m ecstatic! She shoots great! (Watch the Rimfire Roundup section for a more complete write up and pics. Coming soon!) All that brings me up to this month’s match. I set the rifle up with a Weaver T24 and zeroed at 40 yds. Unfortunately, when I dialed up 8 MOA to 100 yds. I ran out of adjustment and was still low so I had to aim about an inch over the back of the ram. I suppose I will have to shim the scope, we’ll see. Anyway, I shot rather well given I had spent so much time off. In Standard Class, shooting my Anschutz, I shot 6 Chickens, 6 Pigs, 4 Turkeys, and 8 Rams, 5 of which were in a row earning me a 5-in-a-row pin for the Rams!  Total: 24.


For the Hunter class I had to switch to my much loved CZ 452 Style and shot a 19. 5 Chickens, 7 Pigs, 3 Turkeys, and 4 Rams. Not outstanding but I could definitely feel a difference in the stability of that lighter rifle compared to the heavy Anschutz. After the matches were over the Match Director decided to have a little Thanksgiving Holiday Turkey Shoot. He set up 10 Turkeys at 100 yds. and each one was worth $10! Well, there were 3 of us competing and the first nine turkeys actually fell pretty quick. The last Turkey proved to elude us for several rounds. Finally, the Match Director declared, “If no one takes it down in this round, I’m gonna shoot it.” Well he’s a champion shooter and no doubt would likely have hit it on his first try. Anyway, the other two guys took their shots and missed and out of the corner of my eye I could see the MD donning his shooting coat. I knew I couldn’t let him take his shot, I had to take down that turkey. I had been missing a little high so aimed right on it and fired my shot. Ting! Off the rail it flew! All in all I had hit 6 of the 10 available turkeys and won $60! I was thrilled. It was a lot of fun. The best thing about the day though was my little fella, my 5 year old son. He stayed on the range with me the whole day, keeping my score, and helping set targets. He did a great job and was a really well behaved little guy. I was very proud of him.



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2 thoughts on “Ninth Silhouette Match

  1. Looks like a great day and sharing it with your son makes it extra special, aren’t a lot of 5 year olds that would have stayed engaged that long.

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